28 APRIL 1866, Page 3

The discussion on Wednesdey onMr. Bouverie's Bill for repeal- ing

the statutory condition imposed on all the Colleges at Oxford ex Cambridge that all their Fellows shall sign their adhesion to the Church of England, was unusually mild and argumentative. Of course Mr. Walpole said the Bill would mean in the end the complete secularization of the University education. Of course Mr. Beresford Hope said it meant the desire of the Liberals to get for Dissenters what didn't belong to them. Of amuse Sir W. Heathcote followed mildly intim train of Mr. Walpole. Mr. Fawcett made an admirable speech in favour of Mr. Bouverie's Bill. Finally the majority was only 22 in favour of the Bill, 208 for, to 186 against, instead of the great majority of 114 obtained on the Oxford University Test Abolition Act. The Troglodytes (or Adnllemites) voted generally for the Bill, most of them being genuine Liberals on ecclesiastical, though not on constitutional questions.