28 APRIL 1894, Page 10


Anglican Orders and Jurisdiction. By Edward Denny, M.A. (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.)—Mr. Denny dis- cusses, from the standpoint of an Anglican, the well-worn subject of the validity of Anglican Orders. The important point of "Intention" is, we see, dealt with, and, it would seem, satis-

factorily. The words of consecration, when Parker was conse- crated Archbishop, were certainly vague; but the preface of the Ordinal indicates that the Church had the intention of continuing the Episcopal as one of "three orders of ministers in Christ's Church,—Bishops, Priests, and Deacons." There are some strong passages quoted from St. Thomas of Aquinum, Bellarmine, and others, as to implicit intention, as it may be called. As one of these authorities puts it, "The intention requisite for the valid administration of a Sacrament, is the intentio generalis faciendi quod facit Rcclesia."