28 APRIL 1894, Page 18

A terrible agrarian outrage took place in the County Cork

last Saturday. The victim was James Donovan, the caretaker of an evicted farm on the estate of Lord Cork. Donovan, occupied a portion of the house on the farm. In the other half lived John Kennealey and his brother, the tenant who had been evicted. The two farms adjoined, and one house divided into two served for both. John Kennealey stated at the inquest that, on Friday night, some one who he considered. was Donovan called him. " He listened for a while and under- stood that moonlighters had come. He opened the door and saw one man on the road. His brother said it might be dangerous for him to go out, and he accordingly went to bed."' He remained listening, however, and heard the moonlighters come back again. One of them said, " That will do now," and afterwards three revolver shots were fired in the air. He thought they were only frightening Donovan, and made no- more of it. In the morning he went to see Donovan and found him all covered with blood. Donovan asked to be left alone,. and died shortly afterwards. Donovan's son, who was in the- room, states that two men, armed with guns, entered, and without making any observations one of them beat his father on the head with the stock of a double-barrelled gun. The. boy interfered to save his father, and was himself struck.. The caretaker was then dragged out of bed into a yard, where- he was again brutally beaten and then shot.