28 APRIL 1894, Page 19

We greatly regret to see that almost the whole of

the col- lection of casts from Greek sculptures, which Dr. Perry spent so much labour in collecting for the British Museum, has now been banished from the large and well-lighted hall in South Kensington which had been assigned to it by Lord Spencer, to low and dark passages where they can hardly be found, and certainly cannot be properly seen. The fine marbles are still, of course, adequately exhibited, but these represent a very small fraction of the best Greek statuary ; and Dr. Perry's supple. mentary collection of casts from the old friezes is quite necessary to give the art student any adequate idea of the history and development of Greek sculpture. We hope to see this very unfortunate blander of the authorities repented and repaired. It is a great mistake to concentrate attention on the few great marbles we possess, and not to exhibit the general effect of the great series of works of which they formed a part.