28 APRIL 1894, Page 39

Leonidas Polk, Bishop and General. By William M. Polk, M.D.

2 vols. (Longman.)—Bishop Polk was one of the leaders of the

Confederate Army. His life presents as curious a contrast as is to

be found, we imagine, in all the regions of biography. He did not desert the Church for the camp ; he (tarried its habits and its occupations, as far as circumstances permitted, with him into a very different sphere. More than one of his fellow-Generals were baptised by his hands ; and he was a centre of religious feeling in the Army. Such a man, it is needless to say, was often visited by serious doubts as to whether he was doing right; for the duties of war were necessarily continuous, and made the exer- cise of spiritual functions intermittent. It must be under- stood that it was not by mere arbitrary choice that Bishop Polk made this change. He originally intended to follow a military career, and, indeed, passed through West Point Military Academy. The story of the Civil War is one of which English readers have heard enough ; but it is viewed in these volumes from a new standpoint. It is impossible not to respect Bishop Polk, however mistaken we may regard him in his views as to Secession in general, and as to his particular duty in connection with it.