28 APRIL 1894, Page 40

Among the Matabele. By the Rev. D. Carnegie. (Religious Tract

Society.) — Mr. Carnegie spent ten years (1882-92) in Matabeland, and after a furlough has returned thither. His station is ten miles from Buluwayo, and he had been in friendly relations with Lobengula. He states the case with what seems to us great fairness and freedom from prejudice, and the conclu- sion which inevitably follows from it is that the Matabele, under Lnbengula's regime, were impracticable. They are, "practically speaking, in the same position, intellectually and morally, and in every other way, only a little more conceited than they were thirty years ago." Mr. Labouchere, Knox, and Co. never had more hopeless clients. Their only merit seems to be that they are enemies of England. The Rev. G. Cousins has added an interesting account of Khama.