28 APRIL 1917, Page 21

England's Commercial Supremacy. From the Frankfurter Zeitung. (Macmillan and Co.

3s. net.)—This is a translation, with notes, of a series of articles published by the chief commercial organ of the German Press in November, 1915. They present a German view of the English money market, showing how it had gained pre- dominance, and suggesting, with some hesitation, that it has lost its hold owing to the war. The author is loss partial and less inaccurate than most German propagandists, but the translatore should, we think, have corrected many more of his palpable errors than they have troubled to do in their scanty notes. Ho does not surprise us by his frank admission of tho defects in the German financial system, for the Frankfort journal, representing Jewish finance, was always at feud with the Prussian bureaucrats, who forbade dealing in futures, taxed cheques, and in other ways hampered commerce. But this will be news to the people here— a dwindling band, we hope—who like to harp on the incompetence of the City and of British traders in general as compared with the supposed efficiency of their German rivals.