28 APRIL 1917, Page 21

HOW TO CROW VEOETABLES.—We are all growing vegetables this year.

The owners of broad acres and the owners of suburban back gardens alike are digging up their pansies and Mrs. Simpkins, their delphiniums and lupins, and putting in their places the humble but more necessary potato and parsnip, onion and carrot. Many of us, particularly the town dwellers, have perhaps more zeal than know- ledge, but an enterprising Press is pouring out handbooks which will enable any amateur to make up the latter deficiency. We have received a copy of a very useful little book by Mr. Herbert Cowley, editor of The Garden, Vegetable Growing in War-Time (Country Life, 20 Tavistock Street, 1V.C., 6d. net), and a series of "Gardening Handbooks for Amateurs," by Mr. H. H. Thomas, editor of The Gardener (Cassell and Co., 7d. net each). In all there are many useful diagrams, and the authors have sot forth their directions in simple, easily comprehended terms.