28 APRIL 1917, Page 21

life, completing the autobiography which she began at the end,

so to say, in her Recollections of an Admiral's Wife. The daughter of Dr. Graves, Bishop of Limerick, she spent a happy youth in Dublin, Limerick, and County Kerry, with less happy intervals at an English school. She married in 1885, soon after Commander Poore had won great distinction by his work in the Nile Expedition. Her husband's letters from tho cataracts include a reference to Major Kitchener in Arab dress as a "wild Sheikh who came off and performed a pas seal on my sacred quarter-dock, and sat on his haunches in a corner skirling an Arab song," to the amaze- ment of the bluejackets. As the wife of a naval officer with modest means, Lady Poore seems to have enjoyed life heartily in Bermuda, Halifax, Jamaica, Malta, Alexandria, and other stations whither her husband was sent, as well as in France and Italy for periods of unemployment. It is, indeed, a privilege to see so much of the world when one is young and in good health, and many of Lady Poore's readers would envy her luck if she were not so gay and entertaining that she banishes such unkindly thoughts. In the Senior Service and out of it her book Will, NVO are sure, be very popular.