28 APRIL 1917, Page 21

Outposts of Mercy. By E. V. Lucas. (Methuen and Co.,

for the British Red Cross Society. is. net.)—This attractive little book describes a visit paid, at the end of last year, to the various units of the British Red Cross in Italy, on the Carso front and in the Julian Alps. Mr. Lucas in his pleasant and unconventional way convoys, information without being dull. He refrained from looking at antiquities, but he used his eyes as he went about, and he gives vivid pictures of the wild country in which the Italians are fighting and of the romantic surroundings amid which our Red Cross men and women are doing their splendid work. The tragedy of it all did not quench his humour. We like his description of the stern Italian General who was moved by the author's casual remark about the new "Venus of Cyrene " to exclaim with quite unprofessional pride, "I, it was I who discovered that statue," whereupon Mr. Lucas clapped his hand on the General's shoulder and the Staff turned pale with horror. The British Red Cross Society is doing extremely well in Italy. Every one who buys Mr. Lucas's book will spend an agreeable hour and also help on the good work.