28 AUGUST 1830, Page 10


to which they have lately been subjected. It seems they voted an address to the King, which the Mayor was specially anxious to present in per- son, to secure the honours usually conferred in such cases. Sir Robert Peel had not, however, forgotten the political offences of the Corpora..

tion ; and they were coldly informed that the Address must be sent. through the Home Office. A second application was made, and a similar answer returned. In consequence, the address has not been sent. This was not all. At the fête given by the Duke of Northumberland in honour of the King's birth-day, none of the Corporation were in- vited except Alderman Kenny,the only one who voted for Mr.Grattan! and at that same fête, who should appear by invitation but Mr. Shiel ! The Mayor and Corporation are, it is said, in high dudgeon, and threaten bloody vengeance on the person or persons unknown to whom they owe their disgraces.

SCOTCH Etnceicsars.—The election for the Perth and Dundee bo- roughs took place on Monday at Forfar, which is the returning borough. The candidates were Colonel Ogilvie and Mr. Stuart Wortley. The votes stood thus : for Colonel Ogilvie—Cupar and Forfar, with the casting-vote of the latter; for Mr. Wortley—Perth, St. Andrews, and Dundee. The return was made for Mr. Wortley as a matter of course, the returning-officer being subject to very heavy penalties in case he exceed his duty, even in the smallest degree. The tendering of a vote for Dundee was a paltry quirk. The borough is disfranchised, and its affairs are at present in the hands of a commission. It has no Magis- trates, no Council, nor any political existence. Colonel Ogilvie will therefore sit, beyond all question. The object of the tendered voters evidently to flatter the Government by an appearance of devotion to its candidate; whose return in the mean time will insure the vote of an additional Ministerial member on the Address, should his vote be called for.' We have heard of other local motives, of a still less respectable kind ; but that is parish business, which we do not discuss. In the Dunfermline boroughs, Mr. Dourin of Appin, a regular Ministerialist, has been thrown out, and a Mr. Johnstone, of Straitons in the county of Linlithgow returned. The returning borough in this case was South Queensferry. There were a number of protests on both sides, of the ordinary character : whether they will furnish a case for a petition, we do not know. Mr. Johnstone is a gentleman of independent fortune and character.