28 AUGUST 1830, Page 13

interferes with other older established races, and notwithstanding the presence

of the King ; and what is a rarer at Ascot, of the Queen, and the earnest exertions of Lord Maryborough, the Lettings have been small and the horses few. The company was, however, fair, and the weather admirable; and to all but the blacklegs the sport was pleasant enough. His Majesty, it will be seen, won the Great Park Stakes. There seems to have been some jockeying in favour of the Colonel. It is notorious that his late Majesty's horses were on occasions permitted to win, by way of encouraging their Royal master. A race gained by ten lengths looks very like an attempt to repeat the encouraging system,-most un- necessarily, we think : King William will not drop his attendance be- cause his horses are unsuccessful ; he is led to it by other motives than the desire of exhibiting the superiority of his stud. We need not say that the Royal party were received with the heartiest welcome. They visited the course both on Tuesday and Thursday. As the King was entering the course on Tuesday, a poor sailor ran up to his Majesty's carriage, soliciting assistance ; the King held his purse in his hand for some seconds, while he asked the man several questions ; after which he threw him a piece of money, hardly less to the gratification of the surrounding spectators than of the petitioner.

First Day-Tuesday.-The Great Park Stakes of 25 sovereigns each ; 15 ft. and only 5 if declared by the Monday after Epson; for 3 yr. olds and upwards. The last three quarters of the new mile. His Majesty's ch. 13. The Colonel, 5 yrs. Oat. 21b 1 Lord Jersey's Donegani, 3 yrs. Gst. 101b. 2

Lord Conyngham's as. Augur, 4 yrs. 7st. 61b. 3

The following paid 15 sovereigns each :-His Majesty's Frederica, 3 yrs. ast. 71b.; Mr. Petre's Glenfinlas, 4 yrs. 8st. 81b. ; Mr. Dilly's Morris Dancer, 4 yrs. 8st. 91b. ; Mr. Day's Henri Quatre. 5 yrs. 8st. 71b.; Duke of Richmond's Wandering Boy, 4 yrs. 8st 41b. ; Mr. Greville's no. Martha, 6 yrs. 8st. 31b. - Lord Mountcharles's Rasselas, 5 yrs, ist. 10Ib. ; Lord Mountcharles's Gayhurst, eyrs. 7st. 71b.; twenty- one others paid 5 sovereigns each. The smallness of the field excited considerable disappointment and spoilt the betting, for at 3 and 4 to 1 on the Colonel, business was out of the question. To call it a race would be a mockery-it was racing bur- lesqued; indeed so far did the Colonel run in before Donegani, that many con- ceived it to have been a false start, and that the others had not come away. The Judge Majesty's it to have been won by ten lengths, .Flis Majesty's Plate of 100 guineas, 4 yrs. 8st. 71b.; 5 yrs. 9st. 31b.; 6 yrs. and aged, 9st. 71b.-3 miles.

Duke of Richmond's Rough Robin byes 1 Mr. Maberly's Palemon, 5 yrs. 2 blasaniello, Profile, and Gienartney were drawn. 7 to 4 and 2 to 1 on Robin. Palemon made the running to the turn, where Rough Robin went up to him; a smart race home was won cleverly by a length. • A Sweepatakes of 10 sovereigns each, and 60 added by the Members for Windsor; yrs. 6s1. 81b. ; 4 yrs. Bat. 31b. ; byes. 8st. 131b. ; 6 yrs. 9s5. 41b.; and aged, 9s. 51b.- mares and geldings allowed 31b. The winner lobe sold for 350 guineas, &c. ...About 2 miles and a distance.

His Majesty's f. Frederica, by Moses • • Mr. W. Day's Augur .. 2

3 to 1 on Frederica. A good race and won easy by a length. The winner rode by E. Edwards, who is not twelve years of age, and required nearly two stone of dead weight to make up Got. 31b.

Second Day-Wednesday.-A Plate of Fifty Pounds for all ages ; 3 yrs. ist. 41b.; 4 yrs. 8st. 71b.; 5 yrs. 9st. 111b.; 6 yrs. and aged 9s1. 51b.; mares allowed 31b. ; winners extra ; mile and half.

Lord Jersey's Glenartney, Gyro. 9st. 81b............. 1

Lord Uxbridge's Rough Robin, 5 yrs. 9st. 41b........ ....... 2 3 to 1 on Glenartney. Rough Robin made play at a moderate pace. Glenartney keeping behind with waiting orders ; he did not make any running till close home when he gave Robin the go-by, and won cleverly by a length; rode by Robinson ; the loser by Boyce.

Third Day-Thursday.-A Handicap Plate of 501. The Old Mile. Lord Jersey's Glenartney, 6 yrs. 9st. 61b. .

Mr. Beecher's Penhill, 4 yrs. 7st. 41b 2 Mr. Theobald's Bobadilla, 5 yrs. 8st. 121b.. . 3

Mr. Montague's The Duchess, by Cotton, out of Miss Cantly, 3 yrs

Mr. Cosby's Windrush, dyes. 7st. 101b, ...................... 5 Sir G. Heathcote's f. Clymantis, by Comus, out of Noma, 3 yrs.

ist. 41b 6 Rough Robin, The Palfrey, Taglioni, Frederica, and Augur, were drawn. 5 to 4 on Glenartney, and 5 to 2 agst.Bobadilla. The latterjumped off, and made running for a quarter of a mile; Penhill then came to the front, and kept so till nearly home, the stupid boy who rode whipping with great and unnecessary severity. Just at the finish Robinson let out with Glenartney, and won cleverly by a length. The Ladies' Plate of 601., the second horse to receive 101.; 3 yrs. 7st. 71b.; 4 yrs: 8st. 71b.; 5 yrs. fist.; 6 yrs. and aged, 9st. 81b.; mares and geldings allowed 31b.; maiden horses allowed 31b. The Old Mile. The winner to be sold for 60 sovs., &c.

Mr. W. Day's Profile, aged ....... ............ . ....... . . . 1 Mr. Clarke's The Palfrey, aged . Mr. Boast's Recovery, 3 yrs... .. . 3 Won by a length. 5 to 4 on Profile; 2 to 1 agst Palfrey.

A Plate of 1001., given by the town of Windsor. Two miles and a half.

Lord Ranelagh's Donegani, 3 yrs. 7st. Lord Jersey's Juryman, 5 yrs. 8st. 91b .. 2

The following were not placed :-Bobadilla, 9st.; Palemon, 8st. Masaniello, 8st. 21b. ; Penhill, 7st. 41b. Betting 6 and 7 to 4 on Juryman, and 5 to I agst Donegan!. Masaniello made running to the brick-kiln, where Palemon headed him ; at the distance, Donegani and Juryman came out and ran a severe race home, the former winning by a neck.