28 AUGUST 1830, Page 15


STOCK EXCHANGE, TR/DAY EYENING.—The complexion of affairs has not ha- proved since our last report. On the contrary, if it were not for some amendment which Occurred te-day, we shoold have said that it was materially worse ; for Con. sols were down yesterday at 901 for money, and 91 for the October account.

Yesterday was the day of settlement of the August account; amid, contrary to ex- pectation, proved to be what is called in thejargon of the market, a Bull account, —that is to say, the balance of speculation was for a rise, and parties had bought more Stock than they could pay for. Money, therefore, was in considerable de- mand; and 4 per cent., and in some few instances, even 5 per cent. was paid MI loans of Stock for short periods. The whole, however, was arranged without eventual difficulty, excepting in the ease of one unfortunate defaulter o no great account. The pressure on the Stock Market seems to have coma wholly from without ; or we should rather say, from abroad, more particularly from Paris, where a commercial panic appears to have prevailed for some days, and had forced down the price of the French 3 per Cents. to 72. To-day, however, the accounts from thence are more favourable; and the Funds there having risen to 74, our dealers here appear to be reinspired with confidence, and have been bidding 91+ and 4- for Stock, which they were throwing overboard yesterday at 91. We have had also, to mend matters, strong reports of an intention on the part of Austria, to recognize Louis Philip ; but these reports do not appear to rest on any other foun- dation than the presumed probability of such a course of policy on the part of Austria. If such an event were indeed to occur, it would undoubtedly do much to dispel the fears entertained by many in this place, of coming troubles, and would haves most powerful influence on the prices of all public securities. In our Foreign Market, all the Continental Securities have felt the pressure on Consols, and Russian Bonds have been down to 107j; and Danish to 71+. To-day, however, they are in rather higher vogue. Brazilian Stock is asleep at 72+; Porte.- geese stirring a little at 62; Greek all but forgotten. Spanish alone is brisk, and attracts speculation from all quarters. The first price of the week was 234; the highest was yesterday 261; the present is 254 to 26. There really ap- pears some grounds for valuing these Bonds so much higher than we have for years been accustomed to do, for a crisis does seem at hand in Spain, which must eventually benefit the Cortes Bondholders; and the late rise in these Bonds has gone on, although rapidly, yet gradually, and is so much the more likely to be perrnauent. Yet we would still recommend caution to speculators; for some re- action is quite possible, although the value may ultimately rise much beyond the present price.

The Share Market has been wholly neglected this week.

SATURDAY, HALF PAST Twatvs.—Consols have been steady all the morning at 914 to for Money, and 91* to for the October account. There is, however. very little doing either in that Market or in the Foreign, excepting in Spanish' which is firm at 25+ to 4.

Bank Stock .... Buenos Ayres... Spanish.. 25+ 254 3 per Cent. Red. 92+ 92 Ctlirian 26 Ditto, New 194 134 3 per Cent. Cons. 914Colombian ..... 23 23+


3i per Cent. New 1003 Danish.... .. 72 721 Consols for Acct. 91* 4 + Greek . 351 364 Bolanas ..... 195 200 Long Annuities. 19+9-16 Mexican ....... 3St 394 Brazilian ...... 73 74

Ex. Bills, 1000/. 80 79 Peruvian ....... 22 214 Columbian ..... 11 12

India Bonds .... Portuguese I Anglo Mexican.. 35436 Brazilian.... .. 72 724 Russian........ 108 108* 1 United Mexican 14 15