28 AUGUST 1830, Page 20

The Countess of Verulam. Engraved by DEAN, from a Mini-

ature by HAWKINS. Published with La Belle Assemblee for Sep- tember 1830.

A beautiful portrait of a lovely woman, admirably well engraved. The delicacy of the stippling in the flesh is exquisite' and the face and features are nicely made out. All is soft, rich, and harmonious in ef- fect ; while the contrasts of the hair and drapery with the flesh are brilliant, and the whole is in perfect keeping. The hands, however, are too small ; a fault much affected by miniature-painters, whose bad drawing is taken for flattery, and perhaps meant as such; though in the present instance the sensible countenance of the original forbids such an idea. On looking again at the eyes, we observe the lights are un- equal; which gives the appearance of a slight cast in one them. This as a slip of the graver, of course.