28 AUGUST 1830, Page 20


This is an exhibition of eight scenic views, illustrative of the French expedition to Algiers, painted from drawings made by the artists who accompanied the expedition ; and representing in succession, Toulon Harbour, the embarkation of the troops, the review of the fleet, the squadron at sea, the landing of the troops at Sidi-Feruch, the battle of that place, the city of Algiers, and the triumphal entry of the French army into the city. The designs and drawings are extremely clever, and the painting very effective,—although occasionally slovenly in the execution, and in parts of the scenery, particularly the rocks and dis- tances, muddy and heavy. The atmosphere and sky are very brilliant and natural ; the drawing and grouping of the figures also are artist. like, and worthy of the French school. The exhibition altogether is one of interest, and very pleasing. The eight scenes, if put together, would form a panorama of a much larger size in length than Mr. BURFORD'S ' • and they are executed on the same scale and in a similar style, though not equal in finish to those pictures. Each view is exhi- bited separately, and a drop-scene falls to allow of their being shifted,— a very convenient arrangement. A sort of Apollonicon plays appropriate airs during the exhibition. The Physiorama at this establishment we have noticed before ; as also the Exhibition of Altar-pieces, and the ancient picture of Cleopatra, with other specimens of the Old Masters,—all which are well worthy of a visit.