28 AUGUST 1830, Page 22


BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. HARKER, Jot, High Holborn, straw hat-manufacturer. „ ENGLISH, Jong, -Strand, hosier.


BRIARLY, ANNfKirton:tn-Lindsey, Lincolnshire, innkeeper, to surrender Sept. 7, 8, Oct. 4: solicitors Mr. Browne, -Fenchurch Street; and Messrs. Thorpe end 'Smith, Kirton.in-Lindsey. • CHASE, JAMES, Chiswell Street, surgeon, Sept. 10, 14, Oct.5: solicitors, Messrs Eindmarsh and Son, Crescent, Jewin Street, Cripplegate. CLOVER, SAMUEL, Hungerford Market, cement-maker, Aug. 27, Sept. 10, Oct.5: ;solicitor, Mr. Brooks, Furnival's Inn. DAVIES,. RICHARD, Lisle Street, coal-merchant, Sept. 3, 7, Oct. 5 : solicitor, "Mr. George,Wardrobe Place, Doctors' Commons. • GILGRASS, Joss', Morley, Yorkshire, woollen cloth-manufacturer, Sept. 1, 2, act. 5: solicitors, Messrs. Spence and Desborough, Size Lane; and Messrs. Schole- 'field and Teale ; Leeds. GREGSON, Jon's' STANLEv, Manchester, bookseller, Sept. 6, 7, Oct. 5: solici- tors, Messrs. Few and Hamilton, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden; and Messrs. lifousley and Barber, Derby. Jay, JAMES, Broad Street, Westminster, upholsterer, Aug. 31, Sept. 7, Oct. 5: solicitors, Messrs. Hamilton and Twining, Berwick Street, Soho. • KERFOOT, RICHARD, Manchester, builder, Sept. 9, 23, Oct. : solicitors, Messrs. -Ellis and Walmsley, Chancery Lane; and Mr. T. Morris, Wigan. MARSDEN, GEORGE BARTON, and MATHER, THOMAS. Manchester, upholsterers, :Sept. 10, 11, Oct. 5: solicitors, Messrs. Rosser and Son, Gray's Inn Place ; and -Messrs. C. and J. L. Warren, Market Drayton. Moons, GEORGIE COWLES, Blakeney, Gloueestershire, grocer, Aug. 30, 31, Oct. 51 solicitors, Mr. King, Serjeant's Inn, Fleet Street; and Dlr. C. Chadborn, Newn. ham, Gloucestershire. Siftivest.AVILtia-m, Weston Super Mair, Somersetshire, grocer, Sept. 1, 200ct. '5 : Solicitors, Mr. Brittan,-Bailnghill Street; and Messrs. Bevan and Brittan, Bristol. SKINNE R, Wiradast, Wilmington Sniiik 'surgeon, Sept. 10, 14, Oct. 3: soli- eitors, Walker and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fie d -


• Sept, 14, Parsons, Charlotte Street, New Cut, Lambeth, timber dealer-Sept. 21, ,Cross, Birmingham. dealer. in hides-Sept. 14, Corgan and Co. Chipping.Norton, 'Oxfordshire, bankers-Sept. 20, Hill, Cheltenham, victualler-Sept. 22, J., J., and

Wree, Bradford. Yorkshire, worsted-spinners-Sept. /5, Johnson, Goole, York- :shire, druzgist-Sept. 30, Wilkinson, Wem, Shropshire, schoolmaster-Oct.-4, Sal- 'man, Liverpool. victualler-Sept. 16, Cassidy, Liverpool, feather-merchant-Sept. Goodchild, Reading, grocer-Sept. 16, Blezard, Liverpool, victualler.


• To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Sept. 14. . Parker,. Whittington, Worcestershire, dealer in horses-Nicholls, St. Alban's, cabinet-maker-Dicken and Brornby, Drayton-in Hales, Shropshire, bankers-Shil- 'ton, Sneintou and Nottingham, scrivener-Brancher, Leeds, merchautHenthaw, Liverpool, coach-proprietor.


CAVE Rat Li„ Trsouss, and Co. Edinburgh, silk-mercers, Aug. 28, 8ept.-11. LESLIE and Co. Edinburgh, druggists, Sept. 1, 16. , MACRAE, 'KENNETH and ALEx (siren, Inverness, merchants, Sept. 8, 24.

• Friday, Angus/ 27.


PIERCE and Co. Maidstone, Kent, ironmongers-BE XDFO R D and BROWN, Clerk- enwell, leather-japaneers-13eLs n :a and BALL, Chi ppi ng-Wycambe, Buckine,ham- hire, drapers-MITCHELL and KIRKPATRICK, Walsall, Staffordshire, diapers- .J., G., and .1: C RCS L A ND, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, woollen-cloth-manufacturers- ...T., IL, J., and E. SIMS, Stroud, Gioncestershire, and Redbrook, near Monmouth, 'brewers-Rs:en and Co. East Smithfield, and Conduit Street, Bond Street, plate- glass-manufacturers.


CRATER, EMCEE EC., jun. Holland Place, Camberwell New Road, and Commercial "Wharf, Lanibeth, coal-merchant, August 24. .• - - "DANICR 'MeV ENLARGED. BROWN, To n si THOMAS, late of Bush Lane, and formerly of Fenchurch Street, sine-merchant, Sept. 10.


• GRAVEN° it, SAM or t, Wood Street, Spitalfields, silk-hat-manufacturer. WHITAK E R,MATTH EMT, Esholt, Otley, Yorkshire, worsted-stuff-manufacturer. HUTCHISON. JOHN., Liverpool, merchant. • BANKRUPTS. • HARROW, ANTHON 7, Kirkland, Westmorland, victualler, to surrender Sept. 14, 15, Oct.8: solicitors, Mr. Wilson, Kendal; and Mr. Thompson, Lincolns Inn Fields. BATTS RSBV, ALEXANDER, otherwise HATTERSBY, ALEXANDER WHITE, Liver- pool; builder, • Sept. 20, 21, Oct. 8: solicitors, 111r. S. Bristow, Castle Street, Liver- - pool; and Mr. Smith, Chancery Lane. GRAY, JOHN.- Upper Holloway, St. Mary, Isliogton, banker, -SepL -10, 17, Oct. 8 :

solicitors, Messrs. Sharpe and-Field, Old Jewry. _

' JARRICTT, `JAMES, and TADMAN, PETER THOMAS, •Fanaurch Street, mer- chants, Aug. 31, Sept.:14, Oct. 8: solicitor, Mi.. Picas, Basinghall Street. LA arcs, Girt; UALDO, Chesterfield Street, New Road, publisher of music, Aug. 31, Sept. 14, Oct 8: solicitor, lilt. Duncan, Lincolns Inn Fields. • PARRIS...FREESTONE 'JOHN, Mil& -Hill, Paddington brick-maker, Sept. '3, 7, Oct. S: solicitor, Mr. B. Davies, Devonshire Square, Bisltopsgate. PAYL 0 Et, WILLIAM, Knaresborough, Yorkshire, fruiterer, Sept. 16, 17, Oct. 8: -.Solicitors, Messrs.-Blackstock gBdBunce, Temple; and Mr. Bardswell, Liverpool. PowELL, CHASE TAMES, Chistvell Street, surgeon, Sept. 10, 14, Oct. 8: solicitors, Messrs. Hindrnarsh and Son, Crescent, Jewin Street. RIDLEY, WILLIAM, Wreckenton, Durham, miller, Sept. 23, 24, Ott. 8: solici- tors, Messrs. Bell and Co., Bow Churchyard; and Mr. Dawson, Newcastle-upon. Tyne. - WILSON, THOMAS, Manchester, commission-agent, Sept. 8,9, Oct. 8: solicitors, 'Messrs. Appleby and Charnock, RayMond Buildings, Grays Inn; and-Mr. 5fonck, Idanehester. • DMUS NOS. • Sept.i7,1Labley, Jamea Street, Covent Garden, boot -and aboe-maker-Sept. 21, Perth-and -Aspinwall, Manchester, whip-manufacturers--Sept, 25, 'Riley, Birch- wood, Derbyshire,, coal-merchantSept. 25, Rogerson, Lincoln, grocer-Sept. 23, ..'and W. Nevin, 'Wigan, Lancashire, manufacturers-Sept. 18, Pitts, Aylsham, :Norfolk, grecer-Sept. 25, Page, Cheltenham, glass-Wier-Sept. 18, Thackery, Man- shester•-cetton.Spinner.-Sept. 18, Smart, Devizes, Wiltshire, grocer-Sept. 18, Ker- nbawandTaylor, Milnrosv, Roadale, and Boston, -America, 'fiannel.mannfacturers -Sept. 18, illelladetv, Meadowcroft, Rochdale,lestian-manufacturer.


To be granted, unless causebeshinonto the contrary. on or before September 17. Daniell, Norwich, grocer-Bevan, Monmouth, Monmouthshire, doctor of inedi- ellye-•-Bacou, late St Exmouth , Street, Clerkenwell, and now of Tonbridge leew Boad,sand Broad- Street Hi/tidings, nanslin-e'mbroiderer-J. lz T. Hager,Mar- ton, nesr Bingley, Yorkshire, paper-makers-Gutteridge St.-Altsans,41vrtfordititre,. brandy me-rehente-Petter, Blealnen.8treet, Borough, wine IBA spirit merchant.


13SVATS and SwerNs, Ilitton, Gloucestershire, paper-manufacturen-WoRRIS and Co., Liverpool, ginger-beer-manufacturers-GaEsy, BRADRUHR, and Frwrn, Sheffield, edgetool-makers-T. and G. Coaevtt.te, Great New Street, FetterLane, cheesemongers-..-BROWN. WALTER, and BROWN, Chard, SOmersetshire, clothiers ; pie far as-regards WA LTIE R-RoasaTs, Pard.v, and Co., Pernambuco, andRongisrs, FELLY, and SMITH, Liverpool; as far as regards PeLLT-470RILICSTEEC and BEVAN. Great Suffolk Street, Southwark, yeast and grounds-merchants-S siva .and WicurtHs, patent medicine Vendors...HART and OvEitstray., Bradford, Wilt- shire, cotton-mannfacturers-Fass KR and SANDI LANDS, Qtteen's Buildings, Brompton, wine and spirit-merchants-HUMBLE and HARTSHORN; Knightsbridge, .cabinet-makers-WiLsiars we and Co., York, coal-merchants-Mame and HAIL. Wis ow, Liverpool, milliners and dress-makers -BA.RR ET T and WOOD, Harding- Atone. Northamptonshire, millers-J. W. H. and J. FE LLows, millers; as far as *regards J. FELLOWS—STANLEY and WRETwoRTH, Cambridge, surgeons-Be o OBS and PERKINS, Parker's Street, Drury Lane, curriers-lisrsEs and Reeve, Great St. Thomas tile Apostle, tailors.


MAitsnALL, WILLIAM, and Co. Almondbury, Yorkshire, machine-makers, to 'Sept. 23.