28 AUGUST 1830, Page 3

Some time ago, it was stated that several vessels had

been de- tained by the blockading squadron of Don Monne off Terceira. The arrival of the vessel's at Lisbon has since been announced in letters from that port, and in the Government Gazette. Their names are—the Velocity, from Valparaiso, which is said to have on board from 40,0004 to 50,0001. worth of gold and silver in bars and dust ; the brig Margaret, of Liverpool, from Rio Janeiro ; the St. Helena, East India packet vessel, which has been ordered to be given up ; an English brigantine, named the Amelia ; and an American schooner, named the Anne. It appears that on Mr. PHILLIPS the Vice-Consul, attempting to go on board the St Helena, he was repulsed with the most violent threats, and a large earthen pitcher thrown at his head, which luckily did not hit him, otherwise, it is supposed, the blow must have proved fatal. On the subject of these several acts of MIGUEL and his Government, the following laconic announcement appears in the Times of this. morning:— "It is understood, in well-informed quarters, that a peremptory de- mend has been forwarded to the Portuguese Government to restore the British ships unlawfully detained. If at the end of three days this demand ismot complied with, the ships and detaining squadron will be taken by force?'


The John Bull must buckle on his arm our in defence of his beloved ICing of Portugal; we gear that even the decree of the Lamego Cortes will not avail him now.