28 AUGUST 1875, Page 1

The scene in the Herzegovina appears to be growing clearer.

The Six Powers have signified to the Porte that self-government of some sort must be conceded to the districts in insurrection, and the Divan, after an internal spasm, signified to the external world by the reappointment of Mahmoud Pasha as Grand Vizier, has agreed in reality to give way, and make of Bosnia and the Herze- govina a dependent State, but nominally to despatch Server Pasha as Special Commissioner to remove grievances. Server Pasha, a sceptical man of the world, has probably instructions to raise as many difficulties as he can, but as the Servian Government has called out its first and second levies,—that is, has mobilised about 75,000 very effective militia, he will

be obliged to yield. No other compromise is possible, and it will not be expedient that much time should be lost, as other- wise the Servians, who know quite well what Constantinople means when it promises reforms, may cross the frontier, and throw all Turkey north of the Balkan into revolt. It is possible, from the reappointment of Malunoud Pasha, that the Sultan has been managed by some assurances as to his pet project of changing the Ottoman order of succession.