28 AUGUST 1875, Page 23

The History of the Jews. Edited by Alex. Murray. (Virtue,

Spald- ing, and Daldy.)—Mr. Murray here prints in separate divisions the "Antiquities" of Josephus, the Bib to narrative, and " a condensed out- line of Jewish history, taken from a work of one of the most eloquent of the writers of the last generation," whom, strangely enough, he does not name. A biography of Josephus, condensed from that writer's account of himself, is prefixed to the work, and Mr. Murray gives a brief

estimate of the value of the Jewish historian. He does not notice the serious doubts which have been thrown on his veracity in matters where his Roman partialities came into play. Some notes are added from time to time, and there is a copious index to which wo willingly give the praise which it deserves.