28 AUGUST 1926, Page 1

The well-managed Bolsover Colliery Company at Mans- field provides an

example of new terms which seem quite attractive enough to thousands of men who arc tired of idleness and earnestly desire to earn what money they can. The men are asked to work seven and a half hours a day instead of seven. For seven months they will receive the old rate of wages and then they will get a minimum percentage addition to the basic rate which will be less than that of 1921,, but will be more than that of 1921. In view of the fall in the cost of living this means in substance that the men would be almost just as well off as before the trouble began though working half an hour longer a day. As regards the division of the surplus they will get a share in thc pro- portion of eighty-five per cent., whereas formerly they got eighty-seven per cent. * * * *