28 AUGUST 1926, Page 19


Miscma.msnous.—The League of Nations at Work. By - -Philip Noel Baker. (Nisbet and- Co. - Ss. •6d.)—Melhodi of Conducting Family Budget Inquiries. From the Inter- national Labour Office, Geneva. (P. S. King. Is. Oda) --A New English Dictionary on HisWrical Principles. Oxford University Press. (Unright-Uzzle, 15s. Wavy- Wezzon, 10s. Wilga-Wize, 5s.)--Financial and Economic: Situation of 'Persia, 1926. By. A. C. Millspaugh. (Persia Society, New York.)—A Handbook of Flowers, Trees and_ Shrubs. . By R. C. Notcutt. (Hopkinson. 12s. ad.) History of the County of Huntingdon (Victoria County Histories). Vol. I.: £3 3s. Guide to Current Official Statistics. (H.M. Stationary Office. 1s4L---The First World Flight. By Lowell Thomas.. (Hutchinson. 24s.) TnE0tDGteAL.—A New Translation of the Bible. By James Moffatt: (Hodder and Stoughton.) NOVELS.—The Silver Spoon: By John Galsworthy. (Heinemann.

• 7s. 6d.) • - • ' . •