28 AUGUST 1926, Page 19

The Web of Finance; by Mr. Vowles (John Bellows, Gloucester);

has a 'stick of dynamite in its little preface about " the destructive influence of our iniquitous financial system " Which should not, however, deter us from reading further, for this is a pamphlet that provokek thought. To say that our system is rotten is easy; but useless without making constructive criticism; or, -as in 'this brochure,' providing 'the reader with the opinions of -others in • an intelligent' and readable 'form. We find here Well-arranged paragraphs from' the Writings men like Sir Josiah Stamp, Professor . Gustav ;Cease% Mr. McKenna, Mr. Henry Ford, Sir Hugo Hirst---all of whom,'

except, perhaps, Mr. Ford, would probably disagree with Mr. Vowles' conclusions. However, he puts forward his ideas in a very cogent manner and in a minimum of words : the whole thing, can be read in half an hour, but probably took years to compile. Decidedly this is not a bedside book, equally emphatically it is a book to be read by those who like hard thinking or feel it their duty to think.