28 AUGUST 1926, Page 2

. A fortnight ago we wrote hopefully of the position

in the Saar Basin, for then it seemed that a sensible commer- cial treaty was being arranged between France and Germany in regard to the trade of the Basin. At the approaching meeting of the Council of the League of Nations the question of the further substitution of gen- darmerie for French troops will again come up." It is an old difficulty in which the League has, in our opinion, not asserted itself firmly enough. The Saar Information Bureau has sent us a translation of an article that appeared lately in the Echo de Paris, quite in the old Poincaril manner which we hope that neither M. Poineare nor AI. Briand will now allow to prevail. It speaks of the folly of allowing Mr. Stephens to be President of the Commission of Government, and of France's right to keep. as many soldiers in the territory as she likes. This is pernicious stuff, and contrary to the intention of Article 49 of the Treaty of Versailles, by which Germany renounced the Government of the Territory " in favour of the League of Nations," not of France. The Governing Commission is responsible to no one except to the governed and to the League. We trust that the League will support the President of its Commission. •