28 AUGUST 1926, Page 2

Last Sunday the dictatorship of General Pangalos in Greece was

Overthrown as suddenly as he had over- thrown the Government fourteen months ago. General Kondyhis, who was under threats from the dictator, suddenly led a military insurrection. All over Greece men were found willing to follow his leadership and General Pangalos thought it prudent to flee. Greece was tired of him. He had no engaging qualities, and what might have been forgiven in one who had " a way with him" was certainly not forgiven in him. He had dourly suppressed his critics as though he were a Mussolini—which he was not—and people forgot the distinet_success of his foreign policy. It will be remem- bered that General Pangalos was the President of the Revolutionary Court which ordered M. Gounaris, a sound. and patriotic Greek, and other Ministers to be executed. A few hours after his flight General Pangalos was found by ships of war hiding on board the destroyer Pergamos ' near Cape Matapan. He has been banished. General Kondylis and Admiral Konduriotis, who has again become President of the Republic, have promised to re-establish normal Parliamentary conditions.