28 AUGUST 1926, Page 2

This scheme seems to meet all reasonable needs. The permanent

members ought to be a small directing committee, and so far as we can see. ahead there is no room for any Power except France, Italy, Japan, Great Britain and Germany with, of course, America and Russia in dim prospect. The chief immediate -danger is that Spain, who vaguely threatens to follow the example Of Brazil and withdraw from the League if her demands are not satisfied, may open up some trouble capable of being mischievously developed. We have written else- where of her unfortunate policy of joining her hopes at Tangier and her dissatisfaction with the League into a single issue. There is a strong rumour that Sir Austen Chamberlain in conversation recently with the King of Spain used words which Spanish statesmen interpret as favouring their Tangier policy. We shall not believe that Sir Austen can have allowed himself to say anything even vaguely embarrassing till we have evidence. We are entitled to believe that after all the troubles of last March he would have been most careful not to repeat his mistake.