28 AUGUST 1926, Page 3

Reports from China continue to be confusing. The retreat of

the Kuominchun troops from Nankow to Kalgan is said to have been a voluntary one ordered by General Feng from Moscow, but Marshal Chang Tso-lin claims that his Fengtien and Shantung troops won a great and bloody victory. Anyhow the Kuomin- chun army seems to be retreating still further westward and Wu Pei-fu is turning to meet Cantonese troops advancing from the south to support it in Hunan. Feng continues to study the civil and military lessons that are.to be learnt at Moscow, but there are rumours that he will try to form an independent Government inland and to the north, which would be under Bolshevist influence. So far the formidable troops of the Shanghai Tupan, Sun Chuan-fang, have not been drawn into the civil war on either side. Meanwhile the boycott of Ilong-Kong goes on fiercely.