28 AUGUST 1926, Page 3

The United States Secretary of State made a welcome speech

last week on the occasion of the commemoration of the last naval engagement between Great Britain and the States, in 1814. Mr. Kellogg paid a fine tribute to our national friendship throughout a century, and passed on to the question of disarmament. He, like ourselves, sets a high value on the work accomplished at the Wash- ington Conference, and is not satisfied that the work should not advance further. He has evidently followed closely the discussions of the Committee at Geneva, and notes the difficulties that face it. He rightly sees a way of advance in seizing upon any point of importance where a true relation can be established between the strengths and needs of different nations, and in limiting competition there.. Of course, the greatest help would come from the United States, if she• could see her way to join the League, but failing that, Mr. Kellogg will have our support if he summons a second Conference to discuss only the point that he suggested in his speech, namely, limitation among the " Naval Powers " of types of vessels other than those that were limited nearly five years ago. * * * *