28 AUGUST 1926, Page 3

We greatly regret to record the death . of Dr. Charles

Eliot, President Emeritus of Harvard University. He was born in Boston more than ninety years ago. He was a competent mathematician and scientist but lett his tutorial post at Harvard in 1863 to make a two-years' tour of European Universities. In 1869 when only thirty-five and professor at the Boston Institute of Technology he was summoned to Harvard as President and held the office for forty years.. Objections were raised but he quickly lived them down. The teaching was then narrow, old fashioned and lifeless. Dr. Eliot revolutionized it, widened it and advanced it. By the time he laid down his office he was recognized all over the world as a great administrator of education, and in particular a firm believer in the freedom of the student and the need of education to be a life-long process. Twice he was offered the Embassy in London, but refused on account of his age. This was London's loss for he would have been a brilliant member of a brilliant line of Ambassadors, but while we had Dr. Page here and Dr. Eliot our firm friend in the United States, who shall say that we were not fortunate ?