28 AUGUST 1964, Page 15

SIR,—Mr. Quentin de la Bedoyere should realise that the Bishop

of Southwark identified the Church of England with the Church of St. Augustine because he was bound to do so.

The Roman Catholic Church in this country today is a later mission from Rome because the Church of St. Augustine perished; that is the Roman Catholic case. For an Anglican to accept such a view is to betray the raison d'être of his Church. Lord Fisher when Archbishop of Canterbury asserted that the Church of England had no doctrines of her own; only those of the Catholic Church.

• It is interesting for us Anglicans to notice that many recent reforms in the Roman Catholic Church are along paths already trodden by the Church of England. I wonder if indulgences will seem quite the same after the Vatican Council has considered them!

earnestly hope for Christian unity, and like some Anglicans deplore some events in our history, but, given charity, differences of opinion can be solved without asking one side to deny their inheritance.

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