28 AUGUST 1964, Page 16


SIR,—S0 that bog-trotter O'Brien has taken time off from brawling in pubs and assaulting harmless passers-by, shaken the pig off his lap, and given over his idolatrous popish practices long enough to hack out an anti-Semitic piece reproving Bernard Levin for Wog-baiting. Bravo! that's the way to make a point; kick the other fellow in the crutch to prove to him that it hurts. And if you enjoy doing it, that's only human after all—it gives the editor a giggle, too, I expect.

And then sanctimoniously to say, `No such piece has been printed' when that's what you have just done is Satan reproving Beelzebub with a vengeance. 'of course, it was all done in fun, to show what not to do.' Of course.

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