28 AUGUST 1964, Page 16

Sts,—Your letter-writer Mr. John Eustace (August 21) says it is

incredible that the Turks in Cyprus would initiate hostilities against an overwhelming majority and wreck a highly favourable constitution. The answer is simple: the Turks, convinced that the Greeks were determined to amend the unworkable constitution by peaceful negotiation, initiated hos- tilities to convince the world that the Greeks wanted to rob them of their rights, in fact their super privileges under a scandalous constitution imposed on the people of Cyprus.

For Mr. Eustace's information, the extremist Turkish Cypriot leader, Mr. Denktash, and the en- tire Turkish Cypriot press had, for several months prior to President Makarios's invitation to Dr. Kutchuk for peaceful negotiations for amending the constitution, been threatening that Cyprus would go through a blood-bath if there was any attempt to amend the constitution.

It is customary to blame Archbishop Makarios practically for everything in this country. I leave it to your readers to judge whether, in the light of all these facts, Makarios is responsible for starting the trouble in Cyprus.


Press Counsellor Cyprus High Commission, 93 Park Street, WI