28 DECEMBER 1878, Page 1


AREVOLUTION has, as we believe, occurred in Afghanistan. For some days a rumour of the Ameer's flight to Turkestan has been prevalent, and on December 20th, Sir S. Browne, who had marched into Jellalabad, unresisted, with bands playing and colours flying, telegraphed to the Viceroy that the rumour was correct. The Ameer had fled, either leaving Yakoob Khan in ..authoxity, or, as other accounts say, leaving the Ghilzai clan to proclaim him Ameer. The troops are said to be deserting, and the whole country disorganised. This must mean, so far as we Can judge, that a popular rising, headed by the Ghilzais, who organised.the massacre of the British in 1838, has expelled the Ameer, and raised his son, as the better ruler, to the throne.--Itothing appears to be known of Yakoob Khan's inten- tionp-Iviiic. h would naturally be hostile ; but the Times of Friday publishes a telegram from Lahore, of the same day, announcing that he had come into Jellalabad. This would mean that he intends to submit, and would imply that Afghanistan has been -utterly disorganised by the British advance, a terrible prospect for the future. The news, however, arrives almost too late for discussion.