28 DECEMBER 1878, Page 2

We are glad to hear that Archbishop Tait has not

the intention of resigning his See which public rumour had ascribed to him. Though we think one or two of his public actions unfortunate,— and especially his warm support of the unfortunate Public Worship Bill, which could hardly have passed into law with- out his aid,—his primacy has, on the whole, been marked by great moderation, and no small share of the wisdom of the statesman, as well as the piety of the ecclesiastic. No doubt, the Presbyterian element is deep in Dr. Tait, and has had some- thing to do with his errors, as well as his right actions. But a certain infusion of the Presbyterian spirit into the Primate of our national Church at the present moment, is far from a mis- fortune; and we believe that something more of that spirit must be naturalised in the Church of England, before the laity can obtain the influence in its proceedings which they deserve. Archbishop Tait is too able and too wise a man to be spared at present.