28 DECEMBER 1878, Page 24

Veritas Victrir. By William Tayler, Esq., late Commissioner of Patna.

(Ridgway.)—Mr. Tayler accumulates here the testimony which has been borne to the wisdom and justice of his conduct at Patna during the Sepoy war, conduct for which he has been visited, not with the honours which he had earned, but with most unjust condemnation. In the front of this multitude of witnesses stand the two historians, Sir John Kaye and Colonel Malleson. Behind are such men as the Rev. Alexander Duff, Sir John Low (who concurred in a censure which he has since retracted), Sir George Yule, Sir Bartle Frere, General Jacob, Sir Arthur Cotton (who says that the wrong to Mr. Tayler was the most flagrant he has ever known), Sir Arthur Phayre, Sir Vincent Eyre, and others of no loss authority. Is it not about time that justice should be done ?