28 DECEMBER 1878, Page 3

We see with much pleasure that Mr. F. W. Rowsell,

of the Middle Temple, Director of Navy Contracts, has been nominated to the post of British Commissioner of the ceded Daira lands in Egypt. Though we remain as doubtful as ever of the ultimate success of the scheme of reform for Egyptian finance—resting, as it does, on the will of a capricious despot—yet if the experiment is to be tried at all, it had better be tried by first-rate men, than by second-rate men ; and few abler men than Mr. Rowsell are to be found, indeed none better instructed as financiers, or imbued with heartier sympathy with the needs of the people. Mr. Rowsell will not only bring the clearest of brains to Egyptian administration, but he at least will not connive at any system of oppression in administering the Daira lands, without letting the English nation know what it is about.