28 JANUARY 1832, Page 10


WAR-OFFICE, January 27.—Ist Regt. of Dragoons : Cornet F. Moore to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Trafford, who retires ; T. J. Bark°, Gent, to be Cornet by purehasexico `Moore ; Cornet and Adjutant J. Kelly to have the rank of Lieut.-12th Rept. Light Dra- goons : Capt. W. F. II. Stuart, from the half-pay of the 96th Regt. to be Capt. vice Ilamil- ton, w ho °sell an,ges—Coldstream R egt. of Foot Guards: Lieut. and Capt. R. Bowen to be Capt. and Lieut: Col. by purchase, vice Montague, who retires ; Ensign and Lieut. C. W. Horton to be Lieut. and Capt. by purchase. rice Bowen ; S. R. Conroy, Gent. to be Ensign and Lieut. by purchase, vice Horton-22d Regt. of Foot : Staff-Assistant- Surgeon M. Fogarty to be Surgeon, vice Owen, deceased-49th Foot : Lieut. E. Haw- kins to be Capt. by purchase, vice Bagot, who retires ; Ensign F. Deacon, from the 19th Regt. to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Hawkins-60th Foot : J. J. O'Neil Power, Gent. to be Second Lieut. by purchase, vice Corbett, who retires-62d Foot : Staff-As- sistant-Surgeon J. Johnston to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Carline, whose appointment has been cancelled-89th Foot : Lieut. J. Graham, from the half-pay of the Regt. to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Forbes, commuted. Hospital Staff—Assist:Surgeon H. M'Clintock, from the half-pay of the 89th Regt. to be Staff-Assist.-Surgeon to the Forces, vice Crawford, deceaset Memoranda—The name of the gentleman appointed to a Second-Lieutenancy in the 21st Foot is Stuart. and not Stewart, as stated In the Gazette of the 12th instant—The names of Cornet Ellis, of the 16th Light Dragoons, are W. S. A. Ellis—The name of the gentleman appointed to a Corietcy in 3d Dragoon Guards, on the 20th instant, is Brydgm, and not Brydes. The half.pay of the under-mentioned Officers has been cancelled from the 27th inst. inclusive, upon their receiving a commuted allowance for their commissions—Assistant. Surgeon T. Walker, half-pay 40th Foot; Lieut. P. /6, -Fritell, half-pay 76th Foot

Lieut. It. S. Sitwell, half-pay 20th Foot ; Ensign H. P. Broomfield, half-pay 1st Gar- rison Battalion ; Lieut. W. Metge, half-pay 13th Foot; Lieut. J. L. Molony, half-pay 12th Foot ; Lieut. W. Gray, half-pay 90th Foot ; Ettsige C. Making, halipay 5th Foot; Lieut. J. Lindsay, half-pay 63d „Foot ; Ensign E. Ilellantl, half-pay lot Foot.

The half-pay oft he under-mentioned Officer has been cancelled from theist of October 1531, inclusive, he having received a commuted allowance for his commission-Cornet L, C. Russell, half-pay 20th Light Dragoons.