28 JANUARY 1832, Page 11

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES. Tuesdcy, 24th January.


'BINGHAM end K FITR, Piecadillv, elenliStS-STANDEN and BUSS, Tellterilell, Kent, carpenters - C. anal J. KENYON, 'Bury, Lancashire, woollen-manufacturers -- BEen- THORPE and a ANAEL, Bucklersimry, tea-dealers-WALtEtt nd VexroN, Aston, War- wickshire, larnierS-ASTLEY and Co. Manchester, fustian-manufacturers-OvERToN and CLIPPERTON, Weymouth Street, Portland Place, tailors-JACOB atlrfl NEUGASS, Sheffield, merchants-SEMPLE and Co. New Amsterdam, Berbiee, general-merchants ; as for' as regards MOOSE-MELT.OR and SHEPHERD, Crompton, Lancashire, cotton- spinuers - HAVEY and Co. Christchurch, Surry, coal-merehants ; as far as regards DAvEy-INIEDDII4AN and Co. Manchestetfustian-manufacturers-BLUNDELL and MAR- TI:1.0M Liverpool, watch-manufacturers-Cr.:ter and THOMAS, Exeter, ironmongers- J. and .1. IV. PROWS', Exeter, painters-Wm:its and Route:sow, Thoralby, Yorkshire, attornies-at-law-Dixon and STEEL, Leeds, cabinet-makers - PINTorr 1111d BONNER, Oxfied Street, linetedrapers-HALL and Humeays, Hereford, attornies-ALLeirsoN and COVENTRY, Liverpool, drysalters-AnAms and MoRtecv, Nottingham, lanemauullietti- rers-C. and T. WRIGHT, Wolverhampton, grocers-HAYES and Eenieme, Glamford Tiineolnslure, surgeons-Doves and SHEPPARD, Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, jewellers-HOARE and MAY, Bath, plumbers-PREECE and BURFORD, Whitelturch, Herefordshire, horstedealers-BONELLA and ATKINSON. Upper Clifton Street. Fins- bury, cabinet-mautifacturers - GERARD and Hterr, Nicholas Lame, Louth:nil Street, merchauts-DAvms and CASSIN, Wattling Street, accountants-CLARKE atel Co. Win- chester, coaeh-proprieters-J. G. and It. WINTER, cheesemongers-GRAIIAM and HALL, Waterloo Piave, cabinet-makers-J. S. and L. HORNBV, Strand, oil and Indian ware- heasemete-C Aei aunt Co. Neweasthsupon.Tyne, rectifiers ; as far as regards G. W. CitAet-DeNcAN and OGILVIE, Edinburgh, chemists.


Fon SATTII. SAMVET. Ssiyru. Whitechapel Road, haberdasher, Jan. 24. (a A SaVY N E, 11 1■• if A It D, Richmond, Surry, tailor, Jan. 24. LINIasAY, JAMEs EWART, Great Cambridge Street, Hackney Mead, tnerchaut, Jan. •,23.

FerteaLove, Herstmonceaux, Sussex, common-brewer, Tan. 24.


I3LAcernANn, EDWARD GILLoTT, Macclesfield, grocer, to surrender Feb.7, march2 : solicitors. Alesue. Iineas Mid Parkinson, Argyll Street ; and Mr. Parrott, Mac.:leslield.

Bouncer, ;num ohl Cavendish Street, tailor, Jan. 30, Mart-it G : solicitor, Sir. Richardson, ironmonger Lane.

BeeKLEv, Jos:.‘THAN, Liverpool, cheese-factor, Feb. 6, March G: solicitors, Mr. Frodsham, Liverpoal ; and Messrs. Adliunton ant} f:;o. Bedford Row. CASTLE, (FEMME, jai. Rotheriathe, ship-builder, Tan. 30, March : solicitors, Messrs. Evitt mid Co. I laydon Square ; and Mr. Graham, Copt hall Court. CM-ERBALE, PHILIP Ione:, Barking, surgeon, Feb. 3, Mardi 6: solicitor, Mr. joralan, Throemorton Street.

CReeros, WILLIAM, jun. Toxteth Park, near Liverpool, painter, Feb. 13, 14, March 6: solicitors, Mr. Robinson, Liverpool; and Messrs. Blackstock and Mime, King's Bench Walk, Temple.

GADESBY, WILLIAM. Hopwas, Staffordshire, victualler, Feb. 1, 2, March 6: solicitors, Mr. Hammond, Fnrnival's Inn; and Mr. Dyott, Lichfield. GEReme, THOMAS, Hendon, bay-salesman, Feb. 7, March 6: solicitors, Messrs. Martineau anal Melton, Carey Street. III:MIES, EDWARD and HENRY, Manchester, cotton-spinners, Feb. 9, Marcia 6 : soli- citors, Messrs. Johnson and Wetherell, Temple; and Messrs. Higson and Cu. Manchester. SonxsoN, WiLteAm, Manchester, innkeeper. Feb. 7, 8, March 6 : solicitors, Messrs. Appleby and Charnock, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Oliver, Manchester. T.,Aw„Tone:. Lloyd, Staffordshire, farmer, Feb. 7, S. March 6: solicitors, Mr. Byrne, Lincoln's Inn ; and Mr. Homer, Ledgley, near Dudley. DYNE, CHARLES, Earl's Court, Old Brompton, dyer, Jan. 31, March 6: solicitor, Mr. Tanner, Philpot Lane. SWIFT, JOSEPH, Liverpool, victualler, Feb. 3, March 6 : solicitors, Mr. Leigh, George Street, Mausionhouse; and Mr. Leather, Liverpool. TANNER, EDWARD, Ramsgate, tavern-keeper, Jan. 31, March 6: solicitors, Messrs. Young and Ware, Blackman Street. Tearcon, TFIOMAS, Rose Street, Newgate Street, meat-salesman, Feb. 3, March 6: Solicitors, Messrs. Makinson and Sanders, Elm Court, Temple. UNDERWOOD, THOMAS, Bristol, skin-dyer, Feb. 7, March 6 solicitors, Mr. King, Bristol ; and Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Bow. WATscer, JOSEPH, Wood Street, Cheapside, ribbon-manufacturer, Feb. 3, March 6: solicitor, Mr. Bull, Ely Place.


Feb. 14, Kent, Andover, draper-Feb. 16, Cook and Goring, Little Alie Street, Good- man's Fields, upleasterers -Feb. 17. Atkinson, Cloak Lane, West Smithfield, brass- founder-Feb. 17, Moon, 31irfield, Yorkshire, woollen-clot It-merchant-Feb. 15, Standen, Haworth, Yorkshire. worsted-manulacttarer-Feb. 17, e'oene, Leeds, Yorkshire, mer- chant-Feb. 15. Leyland, Ashton, Lancashire, maltster-Feb. 15, Gorst :111.1 Ileeendale. Liverpool, coach and harness-manufacturers-Feb. 16, Pot ter anal Co. Me nehester, ea- lico-printers-Feb. 15, Hooper, Luston, Herefordshire, mason-Feb. 15. Emmet.

ool,tapler-Feb. 28, Tomkinson, Leek, Siafibrdeltire, tanner-Feb. 13, Hodge, Plymouth, grocer-Feb.17, Davies, Swansea, Glamorgaushire, ropeemaker.


To he yracted, oaten cause be shown to the contrary, on or bcPre b. 14. Thornton, Soe erhy Bridge, Yorkshire, common-carrier-Sewers. Sloane street, Chel- sea, milliner -Challieor, Liverpool, merchant-Parsons, Fulham Road. upholsterer- Cantiiteze. Bath, cabinet-maker-Lomax, Robert Street, Adelphe money-serivener- Net' lefeld and Reid. Francis Street, Tottenham Court Road, furnisition-;tonmetwers- Roberts. Pall Mall East, ledninn-house-keeper-Edwards, Holborn, .0tittat :and glass- dealer-Bell. ('loth 11 Fair, grocer-Whay ion ta, West Smithfield, licensed-victualler Belt, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant-Smith. Liverpool, cotton-spinner.


JAmarsoN, WILLIAM, Castle Lawrie Mills, Stirlingshire, miller, Tan. 27, Feb. 10.

Friday, January


G. and W. WESTON, St. Luke's, Chelsea, plasterers-liner:rem and ITALT„ Quadrant, Regent Street, tolmeconists-ScoreoN and TerNsTAtr„ Kirkdale, Lancasla're, tanners- MEYER and TRiireir NM, Bishopeente Street, merchants-j. Hour sen. dec., and J. Hour jun. 'Manchester, fustian-manutiteturers-GRIMSHAW aud HURST, Staple's Inn Build- Inas. Holborn, bookbinders-SUEPHERD and 31Annisore, Southampton. milliners- Boon: and Setern, Stockport, mustard-manufacturers-BRAN:re and IA': ES, Manches- ter, merchants-TIIORNTON and PICKLES, Heixien Bridge, near Halifax, Yorkshire, carpenters and joiners-W. and T. Bracis, Leek, Staffordshire, mercers and drapers- BLAI' and Co. Liverpool, corn-merchants-ROBERTS and MORRIS, St. Clements, Wor- cester, carpenters nail joiners-HARDESS and Co. Steel and Iron Works, 'I hames Bank, near Chelsea-C. S. and A. M. FIELDING, Hop Pole Inn, Chester, innkeepers.


ARMATAOE, JOSEPH, Queen's Head, Clayton, and GREENWOOD, JAMES, Swamp

Northowram, Halifax, Yorkshire, worsted stuff-manufacturers, Jan. 26. Lome, THOMAS, Brick Lane, Spitaltlelds, carpenter, Jan. 26.

NEWMAN, JOHN, South Street, Chelsea, licensed victualler, Jan. 27. POYNTON, GEORGE BOULTON, Oxford Street, .woollen-draper, Jan. 19.


Rose, Limes EITPITS, Bath, linen-draper, from Jan. 31 to March 13. THostas, ROBERT, Glyn, GlamargansUree cattle-dealer, from Jan. 31 to April 16.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. CRomeweLre SAMUEL, Torquay, Devonshire, builder. MAKIXEY, Joint Ironmonger Lane, merchant WILLS, EDWARD Pon, Chichester, Sussex, tailor and draper.


ATREARN, WILLIAM, Peckham, Surry, brick-maker, to surrender Feb.3, March 9: solicitor, Mr. Canteen, Lothbury. BACCKHAM, EDWARD, otherwise BOCKHAM, EDWARD, Providence Row. Kent Road, builder, Jan. 31, March 9: solicitor, Mr. Telmer, Brabant Court, Philpot Lane. BEE:entre, ;leen ROBERT, St. Alban's, lierttbrdeltire, innkeeper, Feb. 14, Ma eh 9: solicitors, Messrs. Grover and Stuart, ilealtbral Row. 1{vaxE, Jou N, Greenwich, licensed victualler, Feb. 7, March 9: solicitors, Mr. Nukes. Woolwich ; anti Mr. J. takes, Charlotte Street, Bloomsbury. CATLEv, J one:, Green Street, Leicester Square, chemist, Feb. 7, March 9 : solicitor, Mr. Blacklow, Frith Street, SOhu Square. DRAPER, GEORGE, II igh St reet, Whitechapel, victualler. Feb. 3, March 9 solicitors, Messrs. Certer and Greeorv, Laird Mayor's Court (Mee, Revel Exchange. GREEvEs' TtiomAs, I tendon, hay-salesman. Feb. 7, Mareh.9 : solicitors, Messrs. Mare tineau and Melton, Carev Street, Lincoln's I ma. GRAY, II oll RT, CM inZ1S1111, Yorkshire, eller finger, Feb. 10,March 9 : solicitors, Mr. Lever, Gray's fns; and Messrs. Foster and 31iller, Hull. HEiv ere Waa.cIAo. and II Marc, THOMAS merchants, Feb. Re:Mauch 9 : solicitors, Messrs. Lightfoot and Earnshaw, Ilull ; and Mr. Knowles, New Inn, HODGES, JOHN SAMUEL, Ilmthill Row, tailor, Feb. 6, March 9: solicitors, Mr. Nokeg Woolwich; Mr. J. Nukes, Charlotte Street, Bloomsbury ; and Mr. Graham, Copthad Buildings. HuNTER, JOSEPH, Church Passage, Guildhall Yard, undertaker, Feb. 7, Marcia 9: so- licitor, Mr. Taylor, King Street, Cheapside, IVORY, WILLIAM, St. Mary-at-Hill, victualler, Feb. 7, March 9: solicitors, Messrs. Trebern and White, Cornhill. LEWIS, THOMAS, Whiteehapel Road, victualler, Feb. 3, March 9 : solicitors, Messrs. Argil]. and Jennings, Whiteehapel Road. MABERLEY, Jene. Bread Street, Cheapside, banker, Feb. 10, March 9: solicitors, Messrs. Walton' and Sons, Southampton Street, Covent Garden. Sterru, IlEeny WADE, Greenwich, Kent, carpenter, Feb. 6, March 9: solicitor, 313:. Rash. Crown Court, Threadneedle Street. STUART, HENRY, Worcester, wine-merchant, Feb. 9, March 9 : solicitors, Mr. Becks, Devoushire Street, Queen Swine; and Memrs. France and Ha Worcester. TAYLOR, W tr.Laaa, plmll,1,mncas1sire.re, timber-dealer, Feb. 22, 23, al arch 9: solici- tors, Messrs. Clarke and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields ; and Mr. Latham, ('burley. WILKINSON, THOMAS, Finsbury Square, upholsterer, Jan. 30, March 9: solicitors, Mee•es. Wilks and 3liuithorpe, Finsbury Place, Finsbury Square ; and Mr. Graham, Copt hall Buildings.


Feb. 21, Metcalfe :reps, 'Upper East Smithfield, insurance-brokers-Feb. 17. Ilea lee, ',Leh Street, Wapping. provision-dealer-Feb. 17, 1 icon. Holborn, hatter-

Pet What!dy. Lawrence l'eum ney Hill, Cannon Street, merchant-Feb.:Xt. Stud- dart, Freslalbrd, Somerset 'Alive, manullacturer-Feb. 23, Warlow, Ilea ernirdwest, common brewer-Feb. 2,c Peval I, Birkenhead. Cheshire. stone-ma.ant--Feb. I, Isaacs, Norwich, straw-hat manufaet urer- Feb. 20, IV. and E. Cerrie, Liverpool, brokers,


To be granted, unicrs Noise be ettnell to the omfrory, on or ha tine: FAreary 17. Treacle% Swansea, coal-owner-Gunton. Cheltenham, confectioner-Jenkins, Port- sea, pork-butcher-Phillips jun. (;neat Newport Street, china anal glass deal,r--P. week, Bath, tobacconist-Rucker and Co. Mincing Lane, West India merchmuf. -Fisher, 11aunsgate, chemist and druggist-King, Beech Street, Barbican. eel led ler- -Willie ins, St. Wont's, Montnontlishire, coalmerellant-Hale, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, innkeeper- Fox, Compton Street, Cierkenwell, millwright-Coppiug, Tharsion, Norfolk, curdvatiuer.



On the 20th inst. at Fenton Street, Peutonville, the Lady of S. L. GIFFARD, Esq: LL.D. of a son. On the 4th inst. at the Catfarelli Palace, Rome, FRANCES, the Lady of the Chevalier Bunsen, Resident Prussian Minister at the Papal Court, of twins, a soli and a daughter. On the 13th inst. at Tee-Lela House, Fife. Mrs. BERRY, of a daughter. On the 6th of November,at the Cape of Good Ilope, the Lady of Lieutenant-General Sir GEORGE TOWNSFIEND WALKER, G.C.B. of twin daughters.


On the 24th inst. at Christchurch, St. Marylebone, and afterwards at the Catholic Chapel. Spanish-place, WiLLiem BUCKLEY, Esq. of the Madras Army. to EMMA, eldest daughter of the late George Walter Smythe, Esq. of Acton Burnell, in this county of Salop. At Marylebone, Viscount TWINOUR, eldest son of Earl Winterton, to MARIA, thirt1 daughter of Sir Peter Pole, Bart. • anti at the same time, 1'. E. SwETTENti A m, Esq., only son of the Rev. T. E.Swettediatn, Rector of Swettenham, to WILIIEL MINA, second daughter of Sir Peter Pole, Bart. On the 19th instant, at Donibristle Park, Sir JOHN ARCHIBALD STEWART, Baronet, of Grandtully, to the Right Honourable Lady JANE STUART, eldest daughter or the Earl of Moray, K. T. On the 21st inst. at St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet, GEORGE LEAR CURTIS, 17,1. second, son of Sir William Curtis, Bart. to AUGITSTA ELIZABETH, daughter of Charles B. Cot- ton, Esq. of Kingsgate, Isle of Thanet. On the 21st inst! at St. Pancras, the Rev. JAMES Boys, Chaplain on the Madras Establishment, to SAR an, youngest daughter of the late Rev. John Lightfuot, Rector of Gotham, Nottinghamshire. On the 23d inst. at St. Anne's Church, Dublin, by the Right lion. the Lent Bishop of Kildare, Lieut.-Colonel [SLANE, of the Scots Ensib•er Coasts, sou of Sr Gilbert Blanc, Bart. to ELIZA, eldest daughter of John Arndt, Esq. of '!dare Street. On the 126th ult. at the Government Chapel, Vellet ta, Melia. Feint:es, it 1117No AT- HINSON, Esq. to Miss MARY ANNE STODDART, younger daughter of the lieu. Sic Johu Stoaldart, Chief Justice at Malta. On the 21st 'nut. at Bailiwick Church, the Rev. S. IV. DOWELS, Vicar of Shorwell, Isle of Wight, to JULIA, third daughter of Thomas Beasley, Esq. of Seatield, near Dublin.

On the 14th lust. at Paris, M.Nrcor..ls DE BERGCE, to Mademoiselle STEFANIE Pecor, daughter of Lieut .-General Picot, of Rouen. Oil the 26th inst. at Horsley, Gloucestershire, the Rev. 54. Lome A.31. '. e r that parish, to ELIZA, fourth daughter of Vice-Admiral Veune, of Barnet End boise. On the 26th inst. at Marylebone Church, the Rev. Itn.a.ts WALFORD, Rector of Dai- Buell°, in Suffolk, to HENREETTA HALL, third daughter or James Colvin, 1:sq. of 31an- chester Street, Manchester Square. On the 13th inst. at the Governor's House, Edinburgh Castle, Capt. JAMES BALD CAMPBELL, 47th liegt eldest son of Duncau Campbell, Esq. to Sovicait AmEree, youngest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Harvey. On the 24th inst. at Biggleswade, Mr. J. B. CATER to Miss NAB% eldest daughter of C. Nash, Esq. of that place.


On the 19th inst. at his residence, at Tenby, South Wales, Sir ROBERT JONES Attents Kerors, of Yreysarwood, Glamorganshire, and of Malpa, Monmouthshire. On the 19th inst. in his 56th year, TeromAs BURTON, Esq. of Guildford Street, Russell Square, late Secretary to his Majesty's Commissioners of Excise. On the 2211 inst. in his 83d year, JONATHAN JOSIAH CHRISTOPHER BULLOCK, Esq. of Faulltbourn Hall, Essex, and of Harley Street. On the 20th inst. in his 56th year, the Rev. ISAAC KING, LL.B. Vicar of West Wycombe, Bucks. At the Manse of Auchtermuehty, Fife, on the 17th inst. the Rev. JAMES LesTe.2, Minister of that parish. On the 22d inst. the lady of the Right Hon. Sir EDWARD THMINTON, G.C.B. of Wen- bury House, in the county of Devon. On the 25th inst. Lady SARAH Tenn:Lev STAINES, the wife of George Gunning, Esq.' of Frindsbnry, and Dent de Lion, in the county of Kent On the 25th inst. at Hastings, JAMES SMITH GREENWOOD, Esq. of 14, Great Queen Street, Westminster. On the 22d inst. at the Priory, near Bury St. Edmund's, in her 66th year. Lour* ELIZABETH, wife of Sir James Henry Blake, Bart. of Laugh= Hall, in the county of Suffolk. On the 25th inst. :atddenly,at Brighton. Cneettes GemaNwoon, Esq. in his 85th year. On the 20th inst. in Dublin, ALEXANDER Name, Esq. F.R.S.E. M.R.I.A. On the 22nd inst. at Edinburgh, Captain GRAHAM, Superintendent of Police. On the27th inst. in.her 93d year, Mrs. Sentunereer, of Bedford Square, relict of the .late Joseph Shrimptoue Esq. On the 19th of February 1831. cm.iboard the Triumph, at see, Major Jonte Hew! Niles, of the Bombay Eiagmetts.