28 JANUARY 1832, Page 12

Several desperate affrays with poachers have taken place lately in

various parts of the country. On Monday last, at Arbury Hall, Warwickshire, one man was severely wounded in a contest of the keepers against a band of eleven poachers. The Rectory barn at Bowers, Gifford, in Essex, and several out- houses, were burnt down on Monday night.


Northern.—Mr. Justice Alderson and Mr. Justice Patteson. Home.—Chief Baron Lyndhurst and Chief Justice Tindal. Nidland.—Mr. Baron Bayley and Mr. Justice J. Parke. Trestern.—Mr. Justice Park and Mr. Justice Gazelee. Orford.—Mr. Justice Littledale and Mr. Justice-Taunton. 11orfidiz.—Mr. Barron Garrow and Mr. Baron Vaughan. • Welsh.—Mr. Justice Bosanquet and Mr. Baron Bolland. The following gratifying announcement was made by the Duke of Sussex to a large assemblage of people who met to express their admi- ration of his Royal Highness's conduct during his recent visit to Colonel

'Wildman at Belper—" The cordiality and confidence which subsist -between the King and Earl Grey are mutual, and afford a most cheering prospect. The people may rest satisfied that the rights which they ask, and which they have a clear and indisputable claim to ask, must, under such auspices, very shortly be ceded to them."

FAIR EXCHANGE.—Letters from Naples say, that the beautiful Princess Marie Antoinette, now seventeen years old, who was for- merly intended for the infant Don Sebastian, will probably be married to a young German Crown Prince ; and that her younger sister, Amelia, who is scarcely fourteen years of age, is designed for Don Sebastian.

The Princess Poniatowski has been sentenced to imprisonment in Paris, by the Tribunal of Commerce, for a sum of 3,445 francs. Dr. Meyrick has received the knighthood of the Hanoverian Order from his Majesty.

SIR ROBERT INGLIS.—The worthy representative of the wisdom of Oxford was found fast asleep in the gallery on the last division on Friday, and was counted in with the majority.

- A wag observed, in the House of Commons, on Mr. Perceval causing the doors of the gallery to be closed against strangers, that the honourable member was so determined on carrying his motion for a ge- neral fast into immediate effect, that he commenced by making even the very doors fast.—Courier. THE SHEPHERD.—Mr. Hogg is a bluff, hale, fresh-looking man, ap- parently not more than eight-and-forty, although be stated that he had attained the age of sixty. His personal appearance is homely, but pre- possessing, and the expression of his face is chiefly characterized by shrewdness and good humour.— Times.

The weather in the south of Europe has been uncommonly cold : from various parts of Italy, accounts, received during the week, speak of severe frost and snow. The disease which proved fatal to General Don, at Gibraltar, is attributed to this severe cold. It is termed, by the Spaniards, el precis° ; it is a new description of pulmonary com- plaint, and has extended to Cadiz, where about fifty cases had happened on the 4th and 5th instant ; it is confined to the aged.

Another steamer has been obliged to quit the coast of Holland, fearing to trust her paddles amongst the drift ice in the rivers. The Kent Mercury asks—" How will the efficiency of steam-boats he sup- ported, for conveying mails and despatches in winter, when it is well known large masses of loose ice are every winter fallen in with, not only in the rivers, but many miles at sea ; and, notwithstanding which difficulties and dangers, the old-established sailing-vessels have ever made their landing good, and for the last thirty-five years, without one accident to the mails under their charge ?" We suppose ways and means may be discovered of enabling steam-vessels to pass through drift ice as easily as sailing-vessels do ; and if not, we are not to give up the best method of conveying the mails for eleven months, because it may not be the best method of conveying them for the remaining twelfth month, to a particular port and under particular circumstances.

A new journal has been started at Canea, in Candia. It is pub- lished in the Turkish and modern Greek languages ; the Turkish title is Events in Crete, and the Greek title Cretan Ephemeris.

THE DEAD ALIVE.—The respited convict May, last week, was killed off by the paragraph-mongers, mirabile dicta ! in consequence of severe shocks received by his sensibility from Dr. Cotton and others. It has furnished another paragraph to say that he is quite well and hearty. Another actor, though not on the same stage, Parsloe, was also killed last week in New York. He also has revived.

BELL-ROCK LIGHTHOUSE.—On the 9th January, about ten p.m. a large herring gull struck one of the south-eastern mullions of the light- room with such force, that two of the polished plates of glass, measuring about two feet square, and one quarter of an inch in thickness, were shivered and scattered on the floor in a thousand pieces.

WHITE SLAVES..—" Take a little female captive six years old; she shall rise from her bed at four o'clock in the morning of a cold winter's day ; but before that, she wakes, perhaps, half a dozen times, and says, Father, is it time? Father, is it time ?' And at last, when she gets up, she feels about in the dark for her clothes, and puts her little bits of rags upon her weary limbs—weary with the last day's work ; she trudges onward through rain and snow to the mill, perhaps two miles, or at least one mile ; and there, for twelve, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, or even eighteen hours, is she obliged to work, with only thirty minutes' interval. _Speech at the Hudder.slield Meeting.