28 JULY 1866, Page 2

It is announced, though as yet not officially, that the

Atlantic Cable has been successfully laid. When the last official telegram was despatched, at 6.40 on Thursday, the Great Eastern was within 80 miles of her destination, Trinity Bay, and in 130 fathoms water. The serious danger is therefore passed, and on Monday London ought to be in direct communication with California. The pluck and perseverance of the companies engaged deserve the highest praise, and the cable, connecting as it does the telegraph systems of two continents, will be of the very highest value. Nevertheless we must venture to remark, with due submission to our daily contemporaries, that although a wire rope has been dropped to the bottom of a very, deep and wide ditch the millennium will prebably not begin next week. The Times evidently thinks it will, but the Times is the least thing in the world sanguine.