28 JULY 1866, Page 2

Two Austrian engagements were fought after the armistice had been

decided on, though not after its formal commencement. The Prussian second army corps, under Prince Charles, has been ad- vancing towards Freeburg, and on the 23rd attacked Count Than at Blumenau, three miles from the city. Count Thun with his 35,000 men either repulsed the attack or did not—Vienna says he did, Berlin says the contrary ; and Berlin has as yet told the truth, but in either case a telegram announcing the armistice stopped the slaughter mid-way. On the same day General Medici, ex- Garibaldian, now Royal officer, carried the village of Borgo by assault, stormed up Levico, taking point after point with the bayonet, and was finally arrested by the news of the armistice within some fifteen miles of Trent, one of the most creditable achievements of the war, which will enable Italy to attend the Congress with some claim to military possession of her choeen frontier.