28 JULY 1866, Page 22


W.S.W., a Voyage in that Direction to the West Indies. By Robert Elwee, Esq., author of A Sketcher's Tour Round the Workl With illustrations. (Kerby and Son.)—The illustrations in this volume are very good, and really do give an idea of the beauty of West Indian scenery. The mountain view from Newcastle, in Jamaica, a fern walk in the same island, the apparently land-locked Bay of Grenada, are specimens of nature's handiwork that lead one to agree with the author when he says that a voyage to these islands is a most agreeable trip for the -winter months. The letterpress is simply intended to convey use- ful information to persons who may be tempted by the sketches to such an undertaking ; for, as the author rather naively remarks, "unless a traveller studies and reads up a country before he goes there, he may often be liable to pass by objects worthy of notice without knowing it till afterwards."