28 JULY 1866, Page 22

No Union with Rome. An Anti-Eirenicon. By. Alex. Gavazzi. (Westerton.)—"Non

talis auxiliis," to me one of Signor Gavazri's quo- tations, is the cause of Protestantism to be vindicated when in danger' from a man of Dr. Pusey's piety and learning. The Signor is a tolerably effective popular lecturer against Popery, and can tell stories by the hour of the wickedness and cruelty of priests, which throw maiden ladies in the provinces into agonies of delicious terror, and bring forth subscriptions for Italian Testaments to any amount. But until he can quote the ancient language of his own country with some accuracy and has acquired the habit of precision in reference, we think that he -would do well to abstain from controversy with scholars and theologians. Who is " Maseentins, who caused living Christians to bo bound mouth to month -with dead pagans ?" Can he be our old friend Mezentius, contemtor Divtim

"Mortua quin etiam fungebat corpora vivis Componens manibusque manus, atque oribus era?"

Again, who is the fair "Marcia" who was flayed by Apollo or Apollos, the Signor seems uncertain whieb, as he makes the plural in one page Apollos and in the next Apolloses ? We were quite prepared for the general-tone of the present volume, but we must say that the blunders have taken na by surprise.