28 JULY 1866, Page 22

Researches into the History of the British Dog. By G.

R. Jesse. With engravings. 2 vols. (Hardwicke.)—These handsome volumes may be commended with confidence to the attention of those whose affection for the canine race rather outweighs their judgment. They will find in them,—in the first place, all that the poets have said in honour of our four-footed friends; next the distinguished mention that has been made of them in Acts of the Legislature, Royal charters, and historical records ; thirdly, anecdotic information of every degree of interest and every shade of verisimilitude ; and finally, illustrations which combine, with many faults both of design and execution, a very considerable amount of humour. But let not the stern and unimaginative votary of science be misled by the title into supposing that the work is in his way, or his wrath may be kindled to an alarming degree; history, in his sense of the word, it is not, and it would be most aptly described as an un- methodical collection of all the good things that have been said for and told or imagined of the dog. Judged by this standard, it has an un- mistakable merit. The two volumes, turned out by the publishers as they are, in a style that really invites perusal, are just the thing for desultory reading, to be taken up at odd half-hours, and would therefore be a most agreeable addition to a library which is intended to supply the wants of persons not addicted to vigorous study.