28 JULY 1866, Page 23

A Sanscrit Grammar for Beginners. By Max Muller. (Longmans.) — All

Sanscrit students willbe glad to hear that Professor Muller has added a grammar to his list of handbooks for the study of that language. It is chiefly intended for beginners, and contains such information as a student is like to want during the first two or three years of his reading. For reasons that everybody who has approached the subject will under- stand and appreciate, the Professor has been more careful to guard against the-error of giving too much than too little, and the result is that a volume of convenient size is placed in the learner's hands, which he is able to contemplate without feelings of absolute despair. Of course candidates for the Indian Civil Service, and other unfortunates who are interested in the language of the gods, wlil have to provide themselves with it without delay, for non viget quicquam simile aut secundum.