28 JULY 1866, Page 23

The Battle of the Two Philosophers. By an Inquirer. (Longmans.) —

This is an able defence of Sir W. Hamilton against Mr. Mill's Exami- nation, by a writer who considers that the latter, in grappling with a. metaphysical problem, misses the real metaphysical point. He follows Mr. Mill lip very closely in his attack on the philosophy of the con- ditioned, the doctrine of freewill, and the a priori element in conscious- ness, and finally comes to the conclusion that for the present the trans- cendentalists have the advantage of the experientaliste, inasmuoh as- " in every supposed a priori fact that the latter endeavour to reduce to- the results of experience, they do but bring out more clearly and incon- trovertibly the irreducible a priori element." The perusal of the work,, which is only of the size of a pamphlet, will be found an excellent mental exercise.