28 JULY 1866, Page 3

The Catholic poor are really to be allowed to have

access to schools of their own faith, Protestant prejudices to the contrary notwithstanding. In debating the Poor Law Amendment Bill on Thursday night Lord Bingham -moved a -resolution empowering the Board of Guardians, "if they think fit," to send any Catholic or Dissenting child whose parent or guardian wishes-4CW a school of its own faith, and-there to defray the cost of its-maintenanee. Mt. Newdegate and Mr. Whalley of course opposed the motion, but Mr. Gathorne Hardy assented, and it was. carried- by 67 to 8. It is almost pathetic to see Mr. Nowdegtatets-struggles on these occasions to separate himself and his , polity from Mr. Whalley. It reminds one of the religious fervour with- which the Bishop of Olford at one of the meetings of the British Association disclaimed any relationship between man and the ape.