28 JULY 1990, Page 22

Polish joke

Sir: I learn that Gazeta Wyborcza (a Polish daily founded in May 1989) is unable to write in objective terms about Lech Walesa (When old friends fall out', 30 June). Supposedly we do not check facts. We `edit' them. This is, according to Anne Applebaum, because . . . we are from the anti-Walesa camp.

I therefore understand that The Specta- tor is unable to write in objective terms about for instance the communists, be- cause it is from the anti-communist camp.

As we all know, the only ones who can write the truth about the communists are the communists themselves, and about Walesa — the Walesists. Shall I conclude that The Spectator writes truthfully only about the Brits provided they are Con- servative and Liberal?

Helena Luczywo

Deputy Editor, Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw, Poland