28 JUNE 1845, Page 10


ARR1VED.—At Gravesend, 21st June, Lord W. Bentinck, Sainthill, from Java ; led, John Wlckliff, Daly, from China; 23d, Eudora, M‘Meikan, from Mauritius ; 24th, Emily, Greaves, from Sydney ; 25th, Martin Luther, Hutton, from Calcutta ; and Iris, Peterkin, from Mauritius; 26th, Enda, Walker, from Singapore ; and Ellen, Brewer, from Madras. In the Downs, Sir R. Sale, —, from China ; Mary Sophia, Young- husband, from Calcutta ; Akbar, Harrison, from Ceylon ; Westmorland, Brigstock, from Bombay ; and Anna, Jones, from Mauritius. At Cowes, 21st, Ida, Silk, from Gourabaya ; and E. Russell, Jefferies, from Manilla; and 23d, G. Ryan, Willman, from Illugapore. In the Channel, Eumore, Ellis, from Calcutta ; Spencer, Bell, from Mau- ritius; Eweretta, Darley, from Sydney ; and Thos. Hughes, Butler, from Port Phillip. At Liverpool, 24th, Amiens, Orange, from Mauritius. Off ditto, 26th, Marmlon,

from China. In the Clyde, 21st, Parsee, Chivar, from Singapore ; and Marquis of Douglas, Henderson, from Bombay.

&ULM—From Gravesend, 21st Jane, Alitud, Henning, for Calcutta; and Stebon Heath, Cromarty, for Bombay ; and 24th, Bengal Merchant, Thornhill, for Calcutta ; From Liverpool, 20th, Lancaster, Mullin, for China ; 21st, Francis, Sharp, for Ceylon ; and 26th, Viscount Sandon, Lancaster, for Calcutta. From Greenock, 19th, John Cree, Goodstr ; and 23d, Trafalgar, Potter, for Calcutta.


KRITOED.-7n the Downs, 27th June, Herefordshire, Richardson, from Bombay. Off Portsmouth, ditto. Mary Hay, Volum, from Launceston. &MED.—From Gravesend, 26th June, Bucephalus, Bell, for Calcutta ; Kite, Ritchie, for Madras ; and Andromache, Skelton, and Token, Cheyue, for Bombay.