28 JUNE 1845, Page 19


On the 17th June, at the Parsonage, Stoney Stanton, the wtfe of the Rev. John Sankey, of a son. On the 20th, at Lj•ston Hall, Essex, the Lady of John White Cater, Esq., of a boy. On the 2ist, at Ashe Rectory, Hants, the with of the Rev. James Connell, of a daughter. On the 21st, the Lady of Norwich Duff, Eeq., Captain in the Royal Navy, of a son. On the 23d, at Summerland, Guernsey, the Hon. Mrs. Evans, of a eon and heir. On the 23d, at ("lepton, the Lady of H. I. Nichol', D.C.L., of a eon, which died the

following day. On the 23d, at the Vicarage, Cowfold, Sussex, the Lady of the Rev. William Bradt Otter, of a son.

On the 27th, in Lonsdale Square, Mrs. How, of a son.


On the 2d June, at Oporto, Robert Vanzellee, Esq., to Dorothea, only daughter of the Baroness De Villar.

On the 18th, at Armin, John Wells, Esq., of Armin Pastures, to Louisa .Arm, only surviving child of the late William Wells junior, Esq., of Armin Hall. On the 18th. at Twickenham Church, Edmund Edward, son of the late Hon. ante Rev. E. J. Tumour, and grandson of Edward Garth Earl of Winterton, to Helen, youngest daughter of the late William Davies, Esq., of Little Strawberry Hill, Middlesex. On the 19th, at the British Embassy, in Paris, George Augustus, second surviving eon of Henry Dixon, Esq., of Oxford, and of Whittington Hall, Derbyshire, to Sylph* Georgians, only child of Charles Cobham, Esq., late of Chadwell, Hertfordshire. On the 19th, at Ketton, Algernon ,Emilius Macmahon Staftbrd O'Brien, Esq., youngest son of Stafford O'Brien, Esq., of Blatherwycke Park, Northamptonshire, to Cecilia, youngest daughter of Charles Wake, Esq., M.D., of Warwick.

On the 20th, at the chapel of the Russian Ambassador, Welbeck Street, and on the 26th, at the parish church, Lewisham, Rear-Admiral Euphenie Poutlatinc, of the Ens. sian Imperial Navy, to Mary, eldest surviving daughter of the late Edward Knowles, Esq. of Somerset House. At the latter church, at the same time, Thomas Arthur Bushby, Esq., eldest son of W. Platt Bushby, Esq., of Larkfleld, near Liverpool, to Harriet, second surviving daughter of the late Edward Knowles, Esq. On the 21st, at Nuneham Courtenay, Oxon, the Rev. Henry Blackstone Williams, Fellow of New College, to Christiana, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Baker, Chan- cellor of Durham, and Rector of Ranchero. On the 26th, at Hampton, the Rev. Peter Almeric Leheup Wood, of Littleton, Mid- dlesex, eldest son of the Very Rev. the Dean of Middieham, to Caroline Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Hon. Mr. Justice Wightman. On the 26th, at Trinity Church, Upper Chelsea, Richard Westmaeott, Esq., F.R.S.. eldest son of Sir Richard Westmacott, to Caroline Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Harry. Edgell, Esq., of Cadogan Place.


On the 24th April, at Calcutta, Alexander Garden, M.D., Presidency Surgeon ; In his 51st year. On the 16th June, at Caxton, Cambridgeshire, the Rev. Edward F. Champnoys, of Bedford Square, Stepney-, Secretary of the Church Pastoral Ald Sudety ; in his 36th year. On the 17th, at Boulogne-sir-Mer, Commander Edward Nathaniel Greenaword, R.N. ; th his 71st year. On the 2ist, the Rev. Henry Warren, Rector of Aahington. Sussex, and Vicar of Farnham ; in his 73d year.

On the 21st, Jane, the wife of Lieutenant Sir W. A. Hungato, Bart., R.N. ; in her 44th year,

On the 22d, Mary, wife of Thomas Henry Cooper, Esq., and daughter of the late John Lainson, Esq., Alderman. On the 22d, at Milbrook, near Southampton, Selina Emma, only:daughtcr of Captaht Cnnliffe Owen, R.N. • in her 20th year.

On the 24th, at Kimberley, the Right Hon. Charlotte Laura Lady Wodehouse.

On the 25th, at New Grove, Mile End, Joseph Somes, Esq., M.P. On the 27th, in St. James's Place, the Lady Elizabeth Araminta Monck ; In her 8let year.