28 JUNE 1845, Page 19


Tuesday, June 24.


Willis and Co. Crosby Square, merchants—Leach and Sons, Bingloy, worsted-manu- facturers ; as ter as regards J. Leach—Lidstone and Co. Old Batley, builders—Devise and Fellows, Stockport, cotton-waste-minnere—Bath and Bolton, Wapplug, coal-mar- chants—Holdsworth and Milner, Wakefield, surgeons—Harris and Co. Alexandria, merchants—Smith and Hunter, Bishopweartnouth, tea dealers—Marne and Scholes, Bury, plumbers—Halliday and Rhodes, Ileckmondwike, Yorkshire, wonted-spinners- J. and C. Turner, Church Street, Bethnal Green, leather-sellers—E. and J. Within. shaw, Shelton, Staffordshire, leather-dealers—Colledge and HennIngham, Birminghanl, engravers--f3angster and Mellise, Queen Street, Cheapelde, cotton-factors—Parker and CO. Liverpool, linendrapers--Bedelle and Co. Leicester, manufacturers of elastic hosiery—Coulborn and Co. Manchester, thstlan-manulhoturers—Varies and Edwards, Abenbury Forge, Denbighshire, ironmasters— J. and T. Taylor, Kirby Street, Hatton Garden, gold-beaters—R. and A. A. Dobenham, Upper Clapton, drapers-Gill and Wain- wright, Leeds, tronfoundus--Brittain and Smales, Kingston-upon-Midi, hop-rnerr.nents —Stirling and Co. Glasgow ; as far as regards W. L. Ewing and H. M. Fowler.


BOWLES, GEORGE, and Peatmacros, JOSEPH PAIN, Newgate Street, meat-salesmen, to surrender July 9, Aug. 12 : solicitors, Mr. Young, Warwick Square ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.

COLLEDGE, Mx/maw, Brinklow, Warwickshire, coal-merchant, July 10. Aug. 4 : Solicitor, Mr. Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham.

RILDITCH, WILLIAM, St. Asapb, Fllntshlrc, grocer, July 14, 31 : solicitors Mr. M'Gregor, Suffolk Street, Pall Mall ; Mr. Evans, Denbigh ; Mr. Evans, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool. LEJEUNE, WILLIAM RICKMAN, Southampton, corn-merchant, June 30, July 28 : so- lleitors, Messrs. Smith and Atkins, Serjeants'-inn ; and Messrs. Mackey and Girdle- stone, Southampton ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Basinghall Street. MossmAs, WILLIAM, Clarke's Place, High Street, Islington, fancy stationers, June 30, Aug. 4 : solicitors, Wright &Co. Golden Square ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman St. MORTON, W143.1AM, Railway Place, Fenchurch Street, gas-fitter, July 4, Aug. 5 : solicitors, Messrs. Loveland and Beckitt, Symond's Inn ; of lcial assignee, Mr. M hit- more, Basinghall Street. Bann, Ferment, Nether Stovrey, near Bridgewater, surgeon, July 8, 29 : solicitors, Mr. Boyle, Clement's Inn ; Mr. Smith, Bridgewater ; Mr. Stogdon, Exeter ; offical assignee, Sir. flirted, Exeter. WALKER, Jesus, Junior, Leeds, butcher, July 7, 28 : solicitors, Messrs. Mutton and Nealor, Southampton Buildings ; Messrs. Dunning and Stawman, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Fcarne, Leeds. DIVIDENDS. July 15, Williams, Goudhurst, Kent, wheelwright-July 21, Barron, Davies Street, Berkeley Square, builder-July 21, Stevens, 3111e End, road-contractor-July 16, J. and T. Hill, Ely, merchants-July 16, J. and T. Lamb, Kidderminster, engineers-July 16, W. B. Briddick, Durham, dealer in iron-July 16, J. Bridiek junior, Durham, book- seller-July 16, W. and J. C. Carr, Sunderland, merchants-July 16, Mertyn, Durham, llnendraper-July 17, Risdon. Exeter, bookseller-July 18, Pritchard, Liverpool, wine- merchant-July 15, Abram, Liverpool, merchant-July 18, Robinson, Wolverhampton, grOokr. CERTIFICATES.

To be grankd, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. July 16, Taylor, Camden Town, grocer-July 16, Brain, Holford Square, l'entonvllle, copper-plate-dealer-July 16, Cocksedge, Shadwell, miller-July 16, T. and W. John- son, Romford, bankers-July 15, Chambers senior, New Bond Street, banker-July 16, Barker, Manchester, druggist-July 15, Gerrard, Marsden, cotton-spinner-July 17, Humphries, Manchester, joiner-July 18, Gadsby junior, Manchester, joiner-July 18, Livingston and Buttam, Manchester, plumbers-July 15, Milward, Nottingham, miller. To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before July 15. Webb, High Street, Southwark, cheesemonger-Ward and Perry, Newgate Market, butehers-Weightman, Northampton, wharflngcr-Dodd, Liverpool, innkeeper-Robin- son, Wolverhampton, grocer-Sprague, Poole, grocer-Farrand, Huddersfield, surgeon.


Lecesne, Fenehurch Buildings, Fenchurch Street, merchant ; first div. of Is. 101d. ; any Wednesday; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street-Almond, Orrell, Lancashire, coal- dealer ; second div. of 5d. June 26, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool-Johnson, Liverpool, merchant ; first div. of md. June 26, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool-Wilson, Liverpool, merchant ; div. of 4s. 21d. June 25, or any subsequent Wednesday Mr. Morgan, Liverpool- Blake, Sunderland, edge-tool-manufacturer ; first div. of 10d. June 25, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Hags, Colchester ; first &v. of 4s. 6d. June 25, or any Subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard-Attwater, Devonshire Street, Queen Square ; first div. of Is. June 25, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard-Pearson, Liverpool Road, builder ; first and final div. of lid. June 25, or any subsequent Wednesday; Mr. Follett, Basinghall Street-Oxbor- row, Stockport, pawnbroker ; div. of 20s. June 25, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Follett, Basinghall Street. SCOTCH SEQUESTRATIONS. RTENHOOSE, J., Dunfermline, brewer, June 30, July 21. WHOMOND, A., Dundee, grocer, July I, 22.

YOUNG, J., Leith, merchant, June 30, July 21.

Friday, June 27.


Blaney and Muskett, Fenchurcb Street, tea-brokers-Storry and Bates, Leeds, carvers and gilders-Edmeston and Wilden, Mark Lane, flour-factors-W. and M. Butcher, Stepney, retailers of beer-Beilby and Markham, Kingston-upon-Hull, coopers-Mor- riss and Co., Newington Causeway, mangle-makers-Jefferies and Longdon, Bath, tellors-Wilson and Co. Wood Street, silk-manufacturers ; as far as regards L. Wilson- Rule and Herbert, Basinghall Street, estate-agents-Hunter and Webster, Luton, Bed- fordshire, straw-hat-manufacturers-Hacking and Lupton, Lancaster, milliners-Hues &Co. Liverpool, commission-agents-H., 0. and W. Ridley, Ipswich, wine-merchants- Barron and Cullen, Bloomsbury Square, attornies-Oliver and Oswald ; Oswald, Por- tions, Oliver,and Co. ; Oswald, Oliver, and Co. Manchester and Glasgow; Oswald and Co. Calcutta-White andlAbbott, Margate, wine-merchants-Bowyer and Baker, Pet- worth, attorneys-Smith and Moore, Beeriay, Isle of Wight, brick-makers-Girard and Bright, Plymouth, coach-builders-Stowers and Pope, Chancery Lane, law-stationers- Whitmore and Co. Drury Lane, chymists-Suggitt and Co. Howden, manufacturers of 6114IERVII night lamp-J. and G. Sutton, Manchester, drysalters-Johnson and Stafford, Wakefield, plumber-Johnson and Cock, Hatton Garden, assayers-West Auckland Brewery Company, West Auckland ; as far as regards O'Brien-C. and A. Kurtz, Liver- pool, venders of patent lamps-Llanelly Stone Coal Company, LianeUy.

Basset:wrest ANNULLED.-HER9E, THOMAS, Cardiff, draper.


CARR, RICHARD, Fore Street, Cripplegate, cheesemonger, to surrender July 10, Aug. 8: solicitor, Gauntlet[, Gray's Inn Place ; official assignee, Pennell, Basingliall Skeet. Formulae, Jesus, Hampstead, baker, July 8, Aug. G: solicitors, Messrs. Yandercom

and Co. Bush Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street.

GRENWELL, WILLIAM, Redeross Street, Southwark, wheelwright, July 5, Aug. 9: Solicitor, Mr. Welborne, Toole)/ Street ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldcrmanbury.

LORAINE, FENWICK, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, bookseller, July 8, Aug. 20: solicitors, Messrs. Shield and Harwood. Queen Street, Cheapalde; Mr. Chartres, Newcastle-upon- Tyne ; official assignee, Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. MAT. WILLIAM, Liverpool, draper, July 11, Aug. 15: solicitors, Messrs. Reed and Shaw, Friday Street ; Messrs. Sale and Worthington, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool.

MAY, SAMUEL, and MOTTRAM, PRICE, Shrewsbury, drapers, July 10, Aug. 8 : soli- citor, Mr. Goddard, Wood Street ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Basinghall Street.

Parma, CHArmorre, Lewes, plumber, July 11, Aug. 5: solicitor, Mr. Sowtou, Great James Street, Bedford Row; Messrs. Maker, Lewes; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane,

ThomAs, EDWARD, Bristol, wine-merchant, July 11, Aug. 22: solicitor, Mr. Haber- fteld, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol.

WESTMORE, ROBERT, West Derby, near Liverpool, joiner, July 9, Aug. 8 : solicitors, Messrs. Gregory and Co. Bedford Row ; Mr. Payne, Liverpool; official assignee, Mr.

Cazenove, Liverpool. DIVIDENDS.

July 22, Beard, Deptford, builder-July Si, Atkinson, Gloucester, chemist.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

July 18, Furnlval, Kettering, Northamptonshire, corn-dealer-July 19, Tupper, Ca- therington, Hampshire, grocer-July 21, limes, Earl's Court, Old Brampton, brewer- July 22, Forty, Richmond, hotel-keeper-July 22, Brice, St. John's Street, tailor-July 21, M'Knott and Glass, Blackfriars Road, coal-merchants-July 22, More, Liverpool, wine-merchant-July 19, Smelt, Melton Mowbray, linendraper-July 29, Webb, Strat- ford-upon-Avon, wharlinger-July 22, Wilcock, Warrington, innkeeper-July 18, Brown and Urquhart, Manchester, carpet-warehousemen.

To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before July 18. Hyatt, Pimlico, victualler-Price, Oakcngates, Shropshire, draper-Foster, Sheffield, grocer-Evans, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Gloucestershire, Innkeeper-Shaw, Oldham, cot- ton-spinner-Stuart, Liverml, drys niter-W. & T. Higgins, Old Bond Street, hosiers--- Robinson, Burton-upon-Trent, draper-Hardisty, Wakefield, whitesmIth-M. Firth, St. Michael's Alley, lithographic printer-Nicholson, Blackburn, linendraper-Rees, King William Street, iron-merchant-Wilkinson, Hartlepool, draper.


Elliot, Sheffield, merchant ; first div. of 2s. and second div. of Is. id. any Wednesday On and after 2d July ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Prior and Brady, Kingston-upon-Hull. oil- merchants ; first div. of 2$. 6d. and second div. of 3s. 3d.; and on the separate estate of J. Prior, a first and final div. of 20s. any Wednesday on and after 2d July ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Blackburn, Bradford, YorkshIre, wooistapler ; second div. of 2d. any Wednes- day on and after 4th July ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-East, Spalding, builder; second div. of ls. ltd. any Thursday; Mr. Christie, Birmingham-Jarman, Exeter, confectioner ; div. of 2s. 7d. any day after 1st July ; Sir. Hemmen, Exeter-Hill, Exeter, currier ; dlv. of Is. Sid any day after 1st July ; Mr. Hemaman, Exeter-Lane, Hereford, coal merchant; first div. of 2s. 8d. any Thursday ; Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham-Newbold, Nottingham, tailor first div. of 5s. any Thursday ; Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham-La- kin, Nottingham, builder ; first div. of 5s. any Thursday ; Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham -Hawkaley, Arnold, Nottinghamshire, merchant ; final div. of ld. and 44-85th of a LI. any Thursday ; Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham- Cones, Birmingham, victualler ; first &v. of 84. 6d. any Thursday ; Mr. Bittleston, Birmingham-Cox, Hendon, hone-dealer; second and final div. of 3.1. 6d. June 28 and three subsequent Saturdays ; Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane-Nicholson, Halifax, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner ; first div. of 42. and second and final div. of Is. any Wednesday on and after 2d July ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds -Moss, Kingston-upon-Hull, woollendraper ; second div. of 6d. any Wednesday on and after 2d July ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Wilkinson, Hartlepool, Durham, draper ; first div. 0[3s. June 28, or any subsequent Saturday ; Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne- Blake, Sunderland, edge-tool-manufacturer ; first div. of 10d. June 28, or any subse- sequent Saturday ; Mr. Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Collinson, East Butterwtek,, Lincolnahlre, sldpwright ; first div. of Is. any Wednesday on and after 2d July ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds.